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All You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

​​​Most of us love to go on an awesome holiday atleast once a year, after all we deserve a much needed break after all the effort we put in. What if you encounter a sudden problem during your holiday? You must always be ready to take on unexpected obstacles in life. One must always be prepared to face the challenges. Whenever you plan to go for your next holiday, don’t forget to buy travel insurance ​as it is really beneficial at the need of the hour. Here are some reasons why you must buy travel insurance for your next trip. Follow these tips and your trip will be a memorable one –

When you go on a trip, there are chances that you or your family members might need some medical help. How would you manage if you have not made any financial provisions regarding this sudden health issue? There are people who also lose out on money on a trip with expenses they had never thought of. These are some very common issues one faces while travelling to a new destination. Travel insurance plays a very important role here. It covers your medical as well as financial losses when you are on the go. 

Not all medical ailments are covered in travel insurance; the ones that are covered are sickness, doctor’s consultation, expenses incurred on missing a flight, last minute cancellations, baggage loss etc. If you want to stay safe, always check what is covered in your travel policy. There are travel policies which do not cover medical expenses caused by injuries from adventure sports like diving, skiing and expenses related to kidnapping or ransom. 

Most travel insurance companies only offer two types of insurance – one is for a single trip and the other is for multiple trips​ throughout a particular year. 

The most important tip to follow before buying travel insurance is to check and compare the various policies offered online. You must select the one that is suitable according to your requirement on the basis of your trip duration, family members or the type of destination. If you are travelling out of India, you must check whether or not the policy covers overseas expenses. It is advisable to opt for a travel policy that lets you customise it. Do not hide your pre-existing medical conditions from the travel insurer in order to get your claim settled hassle free and on time. You must read each and every point in the terms and conditions page before finalising on the policy.

When you want to make a claim, make sure all your documents are ready. You must contact the insurance provider to take things forward. There is a separate form for the kind of claim you wish to make. Fill up the form and submit along with all the other necessary travel documents as instructed by the insurance provider.

If all your documents are found authentic, the insurance company will release your claim within six weeks. The time taken to release your claim depends upon the kind of claim and the authenticity of the documents submitted. Even if your claim gets rejected, you may re-appeal.​​