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Advantages Of Cashless Garages in Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

​India is still largely dependent on the two wheeler as the primary mode of the transportation because of the affordability, convenience and lower maintenance cost. Like other vehicles it is necessary to have two wheeler insurance as well. Cashless garages are the exact things what they sound like. It means the capability of getting a car/bike repaired at a garage without paying the complete bill. 

This facility is offered by the insurance company which could be availed in case of any mishap at the nearest garage given that the garage is on the insurance company’s free repair garage list. After the motor vehicle act having an insurance cover for your two wheeler is now necessary. With the increasing number of accidents, it is necessary to have a policy cover and to get it renewed before the expiry. If you drive a two wheeler it is your responsibility to have motor insurance. 

What is Cashless Bike insurance?

After an accident the owner seeks to get the bike repaired and insurance assistance which enables them to get the bike repaired from the enlisted two wheeler garage. Cashless bike ​insurance​ is where the person doesn’t have to have anything for the bike repair instead the insurance company will cover all the costs of the repair. There are generally two types of insurance policy

Comprehensive Insurance Policy-

A motor policy in which you buy the insurance cover for your, bike you and the third party is comprehensive bike insurance. Fire, theft natural calamities are not covered under this kind of insurance policy. 

Third-Party Insurance- 

It sustains the third party which covers the bodily damage and the property damage. In this case, the owner is liable to pay for legal and medical aid. 

How to claim the cashless bike insurance?

Step 1: Note down the registration number of the third party who was also involved in the accident along with you. 

Step 2: Make a note of any of the witnesses of the accidents.

Step 3: Inform the insurance company about the accident online or offline whichever way is possible at the earliest. 

Step 4: File the FIR at the nearest police station where the accident took place. Also, take a copy of the FIR. 

Step 5: After this, the insurance will contact you and ask for all the necessary documents.

Step 6: The firm will make an approximation of the expenses and will reimburse the amount after the document verification is done. 
It is also possible to get the bike repair yourself and then send the bill to the insurance company to get it reimbursed. 

Benefits of having a cashless Two Wheeler insurance

Peace of mind

The accident will take a toll on your physical as well as mental health. In such a case you will be free of the extra burden of paying your two wheeler bills.


All the insurance company have a tie-up with a large number of garages. The company directly deals with the garages thus the process is hassle-free.

You must buy two wheeler insurance online​, not because it is compulsory but for safety and peace.