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What is Cashless Claim Service in Two Wheeler Insurance?

​The dominant automobile in India is the two wheeler. With a large chunk of the middle-class population, a lot of people are involved in driving bikes. People depend on two-wheelers for commute and to run their errands. The reason for the popularity of bike in India is easy maintenance, the fastest mode in traffic and economical. It is necessary to take an insurance policy with the mind-set that it is not only mandatory but also covers for any losses in times of damage. Many bike insurance providers have now started providing the cashless claim service as an added benefit.​

What is Cashless Claim?

Cashless settlement in motor insurance works the same they serve in health insurance. This means that in any of the network garage the person can get their vehicle repaired for free. The expenses will directly be dealt between the garage and the insurer. In these cases, a person does not have to pay anything out of their pocket. All the repair work done is cashless. No money is paid for the service used. ​

The functioning of Cashless Claim

Insurance companies have tie-ups with different garages. These are called network garages. You might have seen insurance providers flaunting the number of garages on their proposal documents. The more network garages, the easier it is for the person to get the cashless claim. The total repair bill will be sent to the insurer directly from the end of the garage and will be settled. ​

Benefits of Cashless Service


One of the primary reasons why people prefer the cashless method is convenience. All you have to do is wait for the garage to repair your vehicle without paying any sum. There is a short verification process which will need some document after which all the bills are settled.


In this method, the person is paying nothing out of their pocket. When the bike is damaged you are already in a lot of stress. Under these circumstances, you don't want an additional burden of managing to pay the sum. So, in such moment the cashless insurance facility is a boon for the sufferer.

Easy Access: 

Most of the big insurance companies have managed to create a big network base for garages for the easy claim process. This feature is very important as broader the network, more comfortable would be the claim process.​

Process for Filing a Claim

Whatever insurance cover you have chosen here are the steps to follow for filing a cashless claim -

  • In case of an accident get the registration number of the other vehicle
  • Get proper photographs, FIR and contact details of the person around the scene
  • Inform the insurance company and fill the form for cashless claim
  • The survey officer will inspect the damage's and predict the repair cost
  • The papers required for the case must be sent to the insurer
  • The network garage will contact the insurer regarding the same and will let them know about the estimated repair value
  • Once approved the amount will be paid to the garage apart from the deductibles

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