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6 Reasons why you Need a Travel Insurance

​While planning an international holiday, all you think about is the destination, the attractions, nearby exotic locations and above all your accommodation; the least you are concerned about is travel insurance. Most people overlook the importance of travel insurance even today and are only worried about finding the best deals on accommodation, airfares and transfers. An overs​eas travel insurance​ is a saviour especially when you are in foreign land as times are uncertain. Who knows you might need one at the eleventh hour?

Here are some of the reasons why travel insurance is a must while travelling abroad.

Belongings, currency and passports
Travel insurance covers your luggage, belongings, gadgets, jewellery etc. Travel insurance company will have several limitations on the cover. Hence, you must check everything that is covered or what could be important to you. You receive compensation on items lost or stolen during the journey. If you lose your passport, you get a new passport within a stipulated period.

Medical facilities
Falling sick on a holiday is quite a common situation. It must have happened with all of us at some point of time in life. If you are wise enough to have bought travel insurance, you are completely covered right from taking you the nearest medical centre to the final treatment/medicines. There are policies which do not cover certain existing ailments. The best part about travel insurance is that no matter how far you are from a hospital, the cover includes your travelling from your current point to the medical centre/hospital.

If anyone is injured or loses his life during a trip due to unforeseen circumstances, the person’s family is liable to get compensation. The sum or the proportion is subjective to the rules of the insurance company.

Last minute cancellations
There are times when you are on a holiday and something unfortunate happens back home. In this case, even if you shorten your trip in terms of duration, the policy covers all the modification in your travel plan and lets you change it without any hassles.

Personal cover
The travel insurance takes care of situations when you unintentionally damage someone’s premises or hurt someone.

Legal aid
If a person requires assistance from a legal expert due to an accident or a liability, the travel insurance covers some of the costs related to this situation.

For those who are going to indulge in adventurous activities must make sure that your travel insurance covers any sort of injury caused by an adventure sport as regular travel insurance policies are not covering these type of injuries/happenings.

For those who travel once in a year can opt for single insurance whereas frequent travellers must go for annual travel insurance as offered by some companies.