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Here’s how a Business Insurance can Help your Office


Have you ever thought of protecting your business just like you safeguard your family, house and car? If not yet, then it’s about time you start thinking about how important it is to protect your place of business. You practically spend half your day in the office, perhaps more; and if that’s not enough reason to get you thinking, let’s check out some more.  

In order to protect your office premises and its infrastructure against unforeseen events, it is important to opt for office insurance that can save your business from any financial implications.

To protect office contents
You do know that a small short circuit can trigger a fire that could ruin office equipment and furniture, if not contained in time. Obviously, the cost to replace these items is unimaginable. Even if the expense is taken care of, your business may suffer significantly in terms of work hours lost as a result of the accident.

Office insurance can back you financially in this situation. You also have the option to customize the contents insurance to extend the protection for other important business items such as stocks, goods in transit, portable electronic equipment and so on.
Cover for business interruptions
When a business suffers loss in income on account of an external factor that is beyond immediate control, then it is deemed to be an interruption. So, if there has been a fire outbreak in the office, business will take some time to resume services. In this situation, you can claim for a reimbursement of lost earnings under the business interruption cover of your office insurance policy.

Accidental damage or theft
Tragedies can happen even in perceived safe environments like an office. Accidents, burglary or any other act of dishonesty by employee themselves can leave you in a financially vulnerable position. Office insurance extends protection against loss or damage to the building and/or contents caused due to burglary or accidental damage.

Protection of employees
If an employee falls ill or sustains an injury in office premises, the employer can be held liable for it resulting in a possible lawsuit. Under these circumstances, you can be relieved of the financial implications under the employers’ liability cover of an office insurance policy.

Visitors’ safety 
Basically, anyone who sets foot in your office premises becomes your liability. Someone in a hurry might slip on a wet floor and there you’ve got a claim whipped up. So, if you have clients, partners or visitors swamping in and out your office doors, then you definitely need a public liability cover to protect yourself against third party liability.

Now that you know how an office insurance policy​ can be a savior during equipment breakdown or business interruption, isn’t it a wise choice to safeguard your business with it immediately? Like it’s said, safety first!