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Top 5 International Trek Destinations To Set Your Eyes On

​Planning a trip recently? Why not plan an adventurous trip this time?  
For all you adventure junkies, who wish to admire the natural beauty, connect with the locals in far-off villages, and sleep under the stars, there can be nothing better than alluring trek and hiking destinations across the world. 
Here are some of the best international trek destinations that you should definitely include in your travel list. Also, do get a travel insurance cover so that you are always protected against uncertain, unpredictable financial losses during the journey. 

1. Overland Track, Australia
Known as a bushwalking track in Australia, Overland Track attracts nearly 9,000 trekking enthusiasts each year. Typically, it is a 65 km long trek (6-day trek), passing from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. However, most of the people prefer to walk along Lake St Clair to extend the trek to almost 82 km. If you choose this trek, you will have the chance to explore a range of wild rivers, glacial mountains, alpine plains, and temperate rainforest. 

2. GR20, France
Corsica’s GR20 (Grande Randonnée 20) is the toughest, yet the most exciting trek in Europe. Being well marked and providing resupply and accommodation options, this trek falls within the capabilities of most of the backpackers. So, if you have heard a lot about its rugged terrain, need not to worry. Here you will explore forests, torrents, windswept craters, peat bogs, granite moonscapes, and stretches of ice formed from snow. SO, once you start planning do not forget to get a Schengen travel insurance​ before applying for a Schengen Visa for France

3. Inca Trail, Peru
This hiking trail terminates at Machu Picchu and is best known for its overlapping trails, viz. Mollepata, One Day, and Classic. If you wish to explore the highest mountain passes, Mollepata is the ideal route for you. The Inca trail is such a popular attraction among tourists that the Peruvian Government had to think of measures to reduce human impact on the trail. The quota system is one of the government’s measures that allow only a few number of people to hike along the trail in one day. 

4. The Narrows, USA
This is among the premier hikes in the Zion National Park in Utah, United States. The Narrows refers to two trails: one beginning (5.8 km) from the Temple of Sinawana and another beginning (26 km) from Chamberlain's Ranch. The former will take just one day to complete while the latter may consume a longer period of time, owing to its long stretch. Not just this, being in the river itself, the Ranch trek is very tiring as well. So, choose your trek wisely. 

5. Routeburn Track, New Zealand
The best way to experience alpine adventure is hiking along the Routeburn Track in New Zealand that establishes a link between Fiordland National Park and Mount Aspiring National Park. While you are hiking this 32 km trek, you will explore the best of waterfalls, mountain peaks, jewel-like lakes, and huge valleys. Hypothermia, high winds, snow, sunburn, rain and avalanche risks are the most potential hazards here. So, do not forget to ​​buy travel insurance for New Zealand​ to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Don’t keep waiting now. Pack your bags and get ready for the expedition!