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Facts To Know Before Riding an Electric Two Wheeler

Have you ever got annoyed by the noise motorcycles make? Or Have you ever wondered how much time you save by not visiting a gas or petrol station?

If you are a bike-enthusiast-environmentalist constantly worrying about the carbon foot-print vehicles leaving on this planet, then an electric motorcycle is the thing you must consider. Electrically rechargeable bikes are the next big thing that holds the potential to reduce air pollution. Nowadays, prominent bike makers like Harley-Davidson and Yamaha announcing electric bikes with the same capacities as fuel bikes. Gone are those days when electric bikes​ were minimalist means of transport.

This article will let you know the facts to know before riding an electric motorcycle.

The silence you can feel

The electric motorcycles work on stored electricity. As they do not need combustion engines to run, they are free from noise as well as vibration. No roar of exhaust, transmission noises, noting! By riding them on empty roads the only things you will hear are the music in your head.

Features not at all less than a fuel bike

The new-generation electric bikes are equipped with fantastic features like instant acceleration and great break-horse-power. Such features are not limited to the speed; you can race her up just like a fuel-bike.

The hassle-free operating

Electric motorbikes are free from gears, meaning the riders can enjoy rides without shifting gears. You will say goodbye to all that annoyance of changing gear during signals, traffic and crowded streets.

Freedom from maintenance

Lack of fuel combustion engines frees the electric bike riders from many expenses such as changing engine oil, clutch, time belts and spark plugs. There will be no more adjusting valve clearance, lubricating choke cables and checking the clutch fluid.

No more petrol stations

Electric bikes run on storage batteries. You can charge them overnight as they take around 6 to 8 hours to charge from flat to full. You will never be worrying about crowed petrol station as you won't need them anymore.

Too expensive, but for now

Yes, currently the electric motorcycles are quite expensive compared to fuel bikes. However, it expected that, with their rising popularity and need, their prices will lower in the future. Moreover, many countries across the globe are offering exemptions on tax, tolls as well as providing subsidies on their purchase.


Electric motorcycles seem like a very promising option for bigger problems like global warming and degraded air quality due to pollution. Many two-wheeler companies are offering good deals on two wheeler insurance for electric motorcycles. Soon, there will be many plans available for two wheeler insurance online.