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Basic Maintenance Tips for your Bike

​​Getting home your favorite bike is just half the deed; the significant half is maintenance. You must have heard the famous phrase from Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibility. Similarly, in this case, with the power of riding, comes the responsibility of maintenance. To keep your two-wheeled love in top condition, you can follow some basic maintenance activities listed below:

  • ​As a rider you must be aware of the fact that different pressures are recommended for single seat and pillion riding. So, you must ensure that tyre pressures​ are maintained at the recommended levels.
  • Oiling of chains, hinges, and levers allow their free movement. The chain should be well lubricated and have the right amount of slack.
  • Exposure to water can damage the brakes resulting in them becoming less responsive. Check the condition of the brake pads while servicing and ensure that correct amount of brake oil is present. If your two-wheeler has drum brakes, clean the insides and in case of disc brakes, check the discs’ alignment. 
  • Dust can clog up the air filter and so it is recommended to change the air filter at frequent intervals.
  • Clutch should be properly adjusted and have the right amount of free play. If it is over tightened, it will cause slipping and increase the fuel consumption.
  • Wash your vehicle regularly to prevent dirt build up. In addition, get it waxed after each wash to prevent rusting. 
  • Engine oil thickens due to carbon deposits creating drag in the movement of engine internals. Get it changed regularly. 
  • Give your two wheeler regular servicing and tune-ups to keep the engine running smoothly and reduce your petrol bills.
  • We all know that, in India, driving a vehicle without third-party liability insurance is illegal. But, after having undertaken these regular maintenance tasks, do not forget to renew your two wheeler insurance​ policy​.