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all about super top up


In the face of a medical crisis, a health insurance policy covers you financially. But what happens if your hospital bills exceed the insured amount, or the sum insured, even after you have paid the deductible out of your pocket? The additional expenses can dig into your savings, and you may have to suffer tremendous stress while trying to arrange for the extra funds. This is where a super top-up health insurance policy helps. A super top-up plan covers medical expenses over and above your health insurance coverage. And, you can buy this top-up plan even if you do not have an existing health policy.

During medical emergencies, the last thing you want is a shortfall of funds for treatment despite having a health insurance policy. This is possible with a low sum insured. So, prepare yourself in advance for such situations by getting a super top-up plan. The super top-up health plan offers additional support to your fund requirement if your existing policy fails to provide sufficient coverage. You can buy a top-up plan even if you do not have a health policy. Read on to know more about this policy.

While buying a super top-up policy, you can customise it based on your needs such as for major surgery, critical illness or disease. You can choose a sum insured (SI) between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 1.30 crore, and an individual or a floater policy. The coverage includes:

  • Hospitalisation and treatment in India and abroad
  • Premium waiver if you are diagnosed with a critical illness
  • Exemption of deductibles in case of hospitalisation due to accidents
  • Maternity expenses during hospitalisation and home care up to certain limits
  • Attractive discounts under various categories


Benefits of having super top-up health insurance include

Flexible deductibles

Deductible in health insurance is the amount that you must pay out of your pocket when you raise a claim. Your insurer will settle the balance amount. For flexible deductibles, you can choose the amount of out-of-pocket expenses. By selecting a higher deductible, you can lower the premium amount.

Wide network hospital

With more than 8600 network hospitals acr​oss the world, you can avail of cashless treatment facilities at places beyond your home location. Get treatments worldwide, including facilities such as air ambulance cover even when you are travelling abroad.


Get attractive discounts up to 35% under various heads while buying this policy. Starting from a 5% discount* for the girl child and an additional 5% for online purchase, there is also an 11% discount* for buying multi-year policies.

Hassle-free claims

You can raise an offline or online claim at your convenience. Also, there is a provision to raise claims while you are travelling abroad.

No medical test up to 45 years of age

If you are below 45 years of age, your insurer would not ask for any medical test while offering the policy. You may have to submit a declaration mentioning any pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension etc. if applicable.

Pandemic cover

Get covered against the expenses related to COVID-19 treatment and avoid paying for the exorbitant hospital costs out of your pocket. There could be a 15-day waiting period to avail of the benefits.

High sum insured

You can opt for a sum insured up to Rs 1.30 crore as per your requirement. You can claim the entire sum insured for hospitalisation, domiciliary, home treatment etc. subject to the policy terms.

Customisation option

Your healthcare requirements could be different from what a particular policy offers. You can now customise your health insurance plan in terms of the policy term, sum insured and deductibles—based on your budget.

One-time deductibles

Pay a one-time annual deductible for policies valid for a year and aggregate deductibles for long-term plans. For long term plans, you have to pay the deductible amount at the end of two years or later if you make a claim.

Easy claim process

The claim process is simple and easy. You just have to inform the insurer and TPA (third-party administrator) about the hospitalisation or need for treatment. The TPA would assist you in locating the nearby network hospital and getting cashless treatment.

Get treated anywhere

You can opt for hospitalisation and treatment within the country or abroad depending on the type of plan. Several network hospitals across the world offer quality medical care.

A super top-up policy is similar to a top-up policy but there are some differences. These policies differ in terms of the coverage amount and the amounts of deductibles. Under a top-up plan, you have to pay the deductible every time you raise a claim. Also, this plan may cover only a single claim during a policy year. A super top-up plan covers multiple claims during a policy year and does not have to pay the deductible every time you make a claim. You can get a higher sum insured for a super top-up policy compared to a top-up plan.

Get a super top-up health insurance policy as a precaution against emergency fund requirements for medical treatment. This policy has various benefits including access to treatment facilities across the world and high sum insured. You can also customise it according to your requirements.