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Insure Valuable Home Contents With Home Insurance


Insure Valuable Home Contents With Home Insurance

​​​​​​​​​Owning a house does not only take you a level up in your life goals but also makes you emotionally stable. However, the process involves an enormous expenditure of money and time. We select the best electronics, furniture, decorative, and other appliances to make our house look beautiful and presentable. Taking account of all these things, it becomes imperative to protect your house and its belongings against threats like burglary, theft, natural disasters, fire, etc. You should buy a comprehensive home insurance policy to provide all-round protection to your house. Home insurance will cost you a fraction of your house’s worth but will ensure peace of mind for you and your family.

Many people think of buying a house, but only a few of them succeed due to the ever-rising price of properties and real estate. Your house is a valuable asset. Those who own a house are fortunate enough to feel the cozy warmth and the comfortable feeling of their home. The most important part of a house is its kitchen. Thanks to twenty first century technological advances, the way we perform our daily chores has changed completely. Smart kitchen appliances have changed our lives and made it simpler. Refrigerator, microwave oven, mixer-grinder, blender, coffee machine, electric water purifier, toaster, and dishwasher are few of the appliances that we use daily. Just imagine the financial crisis you will face if a small short circuit takes place in your kitchen and damages all your appliances. Scary? Right!

​We are pleased to inform you that at Reliance General Insurance, we present to you a comprehensive home insurance policy that will not only take care of your house’s structure but also protect the electronics/home contents inside it.

Home Insurance by Reliance General starts at just Rs 18* per day. It’s that affordable!​