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Asia Travel Insurance Plan

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4.5(Based on 125 ratings)
  • Medha R

    5 star

    Asia trip secured
  • Anubhav P

    4 star

    Travel Insurance for Asia is Great
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Asia Travel Insurance Plan


​​​​​​​​​​​​When it comes to family, everything needs to be perfect. Travel insurance is no exception. With the most preferred Family Travel Plan, you are all set for a fun-filled family trip! Reliance Travel Insurance has been specially designed to ensure that you have a splendid experience when traveling in Asia.

You can buy your policy online through our various payment options like UPI, Net Banking, Debit/Credit card etc available for your convenience​.​

The following are the benefits that the Reliance Travel Care Policy - Asia Plan offers:

 No paperwork with our Asia travel insurance policy​​​ Cover your family with the most preferred family plan starting from just Rs 306*
 No medical check-up till the
age of 60 years​
   Coverage of pre-existing ailments in case of life threatening situations
  Compare different Asia Travel Insurance Plans​​ 

​We’ve tried to ‘pack in’ maximum coverage for a variety of situations while you’re travelling. Have a look!

  • Emergency medical expenses incurred by you whilst abroad, for any sudden illness, injury or death
  • Emergency expenses made for medical evacuation to India
  • Expenses incurred while transporting the insured’s mortal remains back home or towards burial abroad in case of an untimely demise
  • Acute anaesthetic treatment of teeth due to an injury
  • Accidental bodily injury during the trip
  • Compensation for death or permanent disability due to an accident, while riding as a passenger in a common carrier
  • Cost of obtaining a fresh or duplicate passport in case of a lost passport
  • Total loss of your checked-in baggage by a common carrier
  • Expenses incurred for the purchase of toiletries, clothing and medication in case luggage is missing for more than 12 hours
  • Expenses incurred if a trip is delayed for more than 12 hours due to airline, medical, personal employment problems or natural disasters
  • Compensation for a third party in case your involuntarily actions result in someone’s demise, cause someone injury or damage to health or property
  • Facility to provide you emergency financial assistance in case you lose travel funds due to theft
  • Special distress allowance if your plane is hijacked for more than 12 hours

​Just like it’s not possible to pack everything you want into a suitcase, it’s not possible to include coverage for all kinds of situations. Here’s a list of things your Asia travel insurance policy won’t cover!

  • Life threatening conditions covered only arising out of disclosed pre-existing diseases, which are mentioned in the policy schedule, for people upto 70 years of age. Customers need to declare all pre-existing diseases while taking the policy.
  • Claims arising out of non- disclosed and non-declared pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered. ​​
  • Expenses incurred due to any of the following conditions:
    • Suicide
    • Self-inflicted injuries or illnesses
    • Mental disorder
    • Anxiety, stress or depression
    • Venereal diseases
    • Alcohol/drug abuse
    • HIV/AIDS
  • Expenses incurred if you’re. . .
    • Traveling against the advice of physician and have to be hospitalised.
    • Receiving or are on a waiting list for specified medical treatment.
    • Travelling to receive treatment abroad.
    • Have been given terminal prognosis for a medical condition.
  • Any issues faced due to theft or loss of passport when left unattended or if you don’t report the loss to local police authorities.
  • In case of loss of checked baggage, no partial loss or damage shall become payable.
  • War or nuclear threat in the country where you’re travelling
  • Any emergency financial assistance claims made after you’ve returned to India

This plan can be availed by most, but we do consider some of the following criteria before issuing an Asia travel insurance policy!

  • The minimum age of the insured is 3 months and the maximum is up to 60 years.
  • The maximum duration of the trip is 30 days.

​Yes, with Reliance Travel Insurance you can!

If your holiday is extended for any reason, we recommend that you extend your travel insurance​ policy for Asia. It always better to be safe than sorry!

Download and fill the​ Extension Form​ and visit the nearest branch. 


Average Rating:

4.5(Based on 266 ratings)

Showing 10 reviews

  • “Asia trip secured”

    I purchased asia travel insurance for my upcoming family trip to various asian countries and I got a good deal.

    Medha R19 February 2018, Surat
  • “Travel Insurance for Asia is Great”

    Exploring Asia when your travel insurance plan keeps you safe is the best feeling. It�s the best way to relax and enjoy Asia at the same time. Thanks to Reliance General.

    Anubhav P14 November 2017, Thiruvananthapuram
  • “Brilliant experience with Reliance.”

    We were in singapore strolling in the night when suddenly a speeding car came in from nowhere and hit my wife. She was admitted in the hospital in Singapore for 8 days. We were in short of money as we had never imagined such a thing happening to us. I wrote to the travel claims team saying i had purchased a travel insurance and can this be covered. They were prompt and reassuring. All hospital bills were settled through cashless claims, we were even given money for our daily expenses. A brilliant experience with Reliance.

    Afreen S7 November 2017, Pune
  • “Great Customer Service”

    I met with an accident while on a business trip to Mauritius. I needed my mother to come and look after me during my recovery. I didn�t even know that my travel insurance policy included the return ticket fare of a family member who was visiting me. The customer service people at Reliance General were very kind to point this out.

    Vivaan L23 October 2017, Delhi
  • “Made my trip worry free”

    On my way back home from Hong Kong my connecting flight was delayed by 21 hours. My family and I were terribly inconvenienced and our trip was unnecessarily extended by one day. Thankfully, my travel insurance plan from Reliance General reimbursed us for our expenses caused on account of this delay.

    Aarav K20 October 2017, Mumbai
  • “Good product for Asian travellers”

    I was looking for online travel insurance before travelling to Hong Kong. I didn't know that I could buy a plan specifically for Asia. Reliance General has this very good product for Asian travellers.

    Saurabh M9 October 2017, New Delhi
  • “I ensure to buy travel insurance everytime”

    I had to buy this international travel insurance for my vacation trip to Thailand. It was a 7 day trip and we didn't face any problems. Problems or no problems I make sure I carry a travel insurance for all my foreign travels. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Mayuri K22 September 2017, Andheri
  • “Claim process is brilliant”

    The claim process with this travel insurance is absolutely brilliant. I met with a road accident in Singapore. I was hospitalized and was so scared about the finances. My family wrote a mail to the reliance team and they responded positively. They were cordial and caring. We got the claim amount and are so happy with the team. I am now safely back in India and did not pay a penny for my medical expenses in Singapore. This company has won my trust.

    Kiran N20 September 2017, Kerala
  • “Thanks for approving my claim”

    While we all buy a travel insurance policy before an abroad travel, we don't really expect it to help us if we'll need it. I had the same mentality too until I actually lost my passport in Thailand. It is extremely terrifying to be in a foreign land. While we contacted the embassy and went one step at a time, the reliance team was very helpful. We explained them the situation on call and then mail. There was continuous correspondence until they told me that my claim has been approved. It felt great. Thanks for all the help. I wrote down this review the moment my claim got approved.

    Rahul S19 September 2017, Thane
  • “The buying was process was very easy and quick”

    I purchased a travel insurance policy for my solo trip to Dubai. The buying was process was very easy and quick. Will buy again for my next trip.

    Dr. Mishra27 June 2017, Delhi
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