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Shopkeepers Package Policy


shop insurance policy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We understand that your shop is your most prized possession as well as your bread and butter. As a shopkeeper it is prudent to secure your means of livelihood with Shopkeeper's Insurance. Reliance Shopkeeper's Package Policy provides you peace of mind for running your business as well as protection against any risk that your shop can come across.​​​

​Reliance Shop Insurance policy provides the following benefits:

Comprehensive coverage against various perils spread across different sections of the policy
The policy offers the flexibility to customize the policy by selecting appropriate covers
 The coverage is available at reasonably priced premiums
Insured has the option of selecting coverage either on the basis of market value or the reinstatement value​

Burglary and Housebreaking

- Cover for housebreaking, theft, and larceny of office contents

Machinery Breakdown

- Cover for breakdown of electrical/mechanical appliances

- Cover for your apparatus or gadgets in your premises

Electronic Equipment and Appliances

- Provides all-risk cover for electronic appliances such as medical equipment

- Cover for loss of electronic installations, data carrying material, and software

Money Insurance

Provides coverage against loss of money due to an accident or a misfortune while it is in:

- Transit from the business premises to bank and vice versa

- A safe at the business premises

- A till at the business premises


- Compensates for loss of baggage while on travel for official purposes

Fixed Plate Glass and Sanitary Fittings

- Covers loss or damage to fixed plate glass

- Covers accidental damage to sanitary fittings

Neon Sign/Glow Sign/Hoarding

- Covers office publicity tools such as neon signs and hoardings against all risks

Personal Accident

- Compensation for accidental death or bodily injury to all employees

- Education grant and carriage of dead body are also paid for

- Provides the option of medical extension

Infidelity/ Dishonesty of employees

- Covers loss or damage caused by dishonest acts of employees

Legal Liability - To employee

- Compensation for accidents arising out of and in the course of employment

- Provides cover for legal liability to third parties


​The policy does not cover:

Loss or damage due to war and nuclear perils

Loss or damage due to wear and tear and gradually developing flaws

Consequential loss of any kind

Excess as specified

Loss without substantiation or mysterious disappearance