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Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings

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4.6(Based on 168 ratings)

Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

We understand your passion for your Bike and try our best to serve you. We take customer feedback extremely seriously and strive to improve after each and every suggestion. Our customer ratings reflect the paramount service that our Customers enjoy. It gives us great pleasure to display our reviews and ratings and let the numbers speak for themselves.

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  • “Thanks for the Great Service!”

    My bike has always been my pride and joy. And thanks to Reliance General's two wheeler insurance, I am safe on the roads.

    xxrxv.k@gmxil.com6 December 2017, Mumbai
  • “Renewed my Policy Online”

    Easily renewed my two wheeler insurance policy online. Reliance General Insurance is a trusted name and I am a happy customer.

    vivxxn.l@gmxil.com5 December 2017, Delhi
  • “Great Discounts!”

    My bike insurance premium is completely affordable, thanks to Reliance General's great NCB discount!

    xdityx.s@gmxil.com4 December 2017, Bangalore
  • “Easy Claims Process”

    I'm really happy with the services offered on my bike insurance. My claim was processed in just a few days.

    vihxxn.s@gmxil.com1 December 2017, Hyderabad
  • “Good Product”

    This is a good two wheeler insurance policy. I'm pleased with the coverage and customer support offered.

    xrjun.j@gmxil.com30 November 2017, Ahmedabad
  • “Happy with the Service”

    Reliance General is a known brand and I feel safe driving my bike having this two wheeler insurance plan.

    sxndeep.b@xmxil.com16 November 2017, Jammu
  • “No paperwork needed”

    The best part about buying a two wheeler insurance plan online is that it gets emailed right into your inbox. No paperwork needed.

    xishwxryx.p@xmxil.com15 November 2017, Secunderabad
  • “Amazing Discount”

    Remembering your previous policy details helps. I got a great discount while buying my two wheeler insurance plan.

    mxyuri.s@xmxil.com14 November 2017, Bhopal
  • “Bought my Policy online”

    Got all the information I wanted on your website and it helped me to easily buy my scooter insurance policy.

    dhxnxshree.p@xmxil.com13 November 2017, Durgapur
  • “My Bike is Protected”

    With this bike insurance plan I get access to a good network of garages. Now I can be carefree and plan as many bike trips as I want. Great service.

    kruti.s@xmxil.com10 November 2017, Tiruchirappalli
  • “Cashless Service at Garage is Helpful”

    The garages in Reliance General's network offer cashless service. This is very helpful for bike insurance owners who are stranded on the road. I had a lot of help, thanks to this service, in an emergency situation.

    bxnsi.x@xmxil.com9 November 2017, Thane
  • “Discounts are Awesome”

    I got a nice no claim bonus on my bike insurance plan. Its great that the website explains everything offered with the policy. Good online service.

    kumxrx.m@xmxil.com8 November 2017, Noida
  • “Add-On Covers great for Motorbikes”

    The options for add-on covers are great. I wanted a tailor made bike insurance policy for my motorcycle and Reliance General has really good add-on covers.

    rxmnxth.r@xmxil.com7 November 2017, Bhubaneswar
  • “Online Quotes are Perfect”

    The quote I got for my bike insurance plan online was very accurate and made sense for me. Because of the cost break-up I know exactly what I paid for.

    nxveen.k@xmxil.com6 November 2017, Agra
  • “Two Wheeler Plan is Great”

    My bike is well protected with your two wheeler insurance plan. The services offered are good. Great work by Reliance General.

    vinod.d@xmxil.com3 November 2017, Gurgaon
  • “All details explained”

    The customer service executive explained everything in detail about the motorcycle insurance over one single call. She was very polite and helped me with all my queries. Thanks.

    rxxhithyx.c@gmxil.com26 October 2017, Vadodara
  • “Great price”

    I got No claim bonus discount on my bike insurance. Additionally there was the diwali sale - so got this insurance policy at a great price.

    ishxxn.k@gmxil.com25 October 2017, Patna
  • “motorcycle insurance in 15 minutes”

    It took me hardly any mins to buy motorcycle insurance online by reading about it on website. It�s very quick and easy process.

    xthxrv.s@gmxil.com24 October 2017, Pimpri-Chinchwad
  • “Always renewing with Reliance”

    I spoke to helpline executive who assited me during the renewal of two wheeler insurance policy. I would be thankful to her for her patient and perfect service on call.

    krish.x@gmxil.com23 October 2017, Bhopal
  • “excellent support”

    I received an excellent support from your chat assistance. He/she helped in knowing more about two wheeler insurance policy and also by solving all my queries.

    krishnx.r@gmxil.com20 October 2017, Thane
  • “Keep it up guys.”

    I have a royal enfield motorcycle. Obviously I always make sure I have a motorcycle insurance. Been a customer of reliance since 3 years and I can vouch for their services. Keep it up guys.

    sandeep@gmail.com13 October 2017, Pune
  • “Good and friendly staff”

    I shifted from my previous insurer due to positive feedback from friends regarding the reliance two wheeler insurance. So far, it's been good and the staff has been helpful and cordial.

    kohliy@gmail.com12 October 2017, Hyderabad
  • “Great offers from you guys!”

    Luckily my renewal date coincides with Diwali offers every year. This year too, the offers are great and I immediately renewed my bike insurance online. Thanks for the great offers.

    mgupta@gmail.com11 October 2017, Bengaluru
  • “Thanks Reliance”

    I buy my insurance products online not just because it's easy, but it also saves a lot of money. I just renew my two wheeler insurance policy online every year.

    mirz****@gmail.com10 October 2017, Mumbai
  • “Website is user friendly”

    I love how technology is changing our buying ways. I entered my scooter registration number and voila - I had the quote. I enter the necessary details and within 15 minutes, I have my two wheeler insurance policy ready to be sent to me by mail. The process has become so much easier online.

    uday****@gmail.com9 October 2017, Kalyan
  • “Very happy with the services”

    I was in the middle of a road trip when my bike met with a small accident and needed urgent mending. Luckily, one of the garages in Reliance General's network was close by and I could get my bike repaired. Very happy with the services given on my bike insurance policy.

    sanxxxx@gmail.com25 September 2017, Ghatkopar
  • “Bills got reimbursed quickly”

    My bike started giving me some trouble in the middle of the highway one day and I realized it needed servicing. I took it to the nearest mechanic's shop and had to pay myself because it was an urgency. Later on, I was happy to find that my reimbursement claim against my bike insurance policy was speedily processed and I got my bills reimbursed.

    bcha*****@yahoo.com25 September 2017, Vizag
  • “Addons are good”

    The add-on covers I got with my two wheeler insurance plan are very nice. I wanted to make sure that the accessories on my bike stay safe. And my policy covers these in case or emergencies, which is great.

    vikxx@gmail.com22 September 2017, Versova
  • “Reliance came for my rescue”

    In the middle of the Mumbai rains last week, my scooter was stuck in the middle of the road and as water levels began rising, my scooter broke down. The flooding created a lot of problems and I couldn't get my scooter to start. I had to make a claim with Reliance General Insurance for repairing the flood damage and my two wheeler insurance had it covered.

    shai*****@gmail.com22 September 2017, Mumbai
  • “NCB really helps”

    I was looking for a discount on the premium before renewing my bike insurance plan. Reliance General gave me a no claim bonus while renewing that made it possible for me to buy my two wheeler insurance at a reasonable premium.

    risxxxx@gmail.com21 September 2017, Chakala
  • “Discounts are really helpful”

    I am very happy with the discounts that Reliance General provided on my two wheeler insurance policy. I pay a premium amount that I am comfortable with and more importantly I get the services my bike needs.

    dine*****@rediffmail.com21 September 2017, Ernakulam
  • “Thanks for my claim settlement”

    Reliance has a quick claim registration process. After I met with an accident, my bike needed repairing and I had to make a claim on my bike insurance plan. Very happy with the response I received from the company. They settled my claim in almost no time.

    sahxx@gmail.com20 September 2017, Dadar
  • “Reliance paid the bills for me”

    I met with an accident while riding my bike and hurt my leg. I needed some stitches to clean up my wound. My two wheeler insurance had my medical expenses covered. I didn't have to pay for the medical expenses. Reliance General got in touch with my clinic and paid the bills for me.

    zzsa*****@gmail.com20 September 2017, Bangalore
  • “Simple buying process”

    Reliance General has a very simple policy buying process. I easily found the features that I was looking for in my two wheeler insurance policy. The online purchase process makes it convenient to own a bike insurance plan.

    bxnsxgxrxax@gmail.com19 September 2017, Gurgaon
  • “Helped me against an accident”

    Last week, I damaged the property of my neighbor when my two wheeler collided with their fence. My neighbor insisted on me paying to have the fence repaired even though I explained it was an accident. Luckily, my bike insurance policy had this situation covered and I could file a claim to get the damaged fence fixed .

    addi*****@gmail.com19 September 2017, Mangalore
  • “Happy with the experience!”

    I had a great experience with reliance. The settlement amount is received with this two wheeler insurance policy claim was satisfactory and claim time was short.

    ram.m.82@gmail.com30 August 2017, Bangalore
  • “Excellent customer service”

    Your representative helped me throughout the process. He looked through my bike insurance policy with details, patiently informed me about the documentation that will be required and the approximate time the entire process will require. I also received timely updates via emails and smses. Will be renewing my two wheeler insurance.

    ramb34@gmail.com29 August 2017, Lucknow
  • “Good motorcycle insurance policy”

    It’s a good motorcycle insurance policy. The features and benefits are great and the price is competitive. Since my entire family is insured with reliance , I also decided to insure by bike here.

    manoj.tiwari82@gmail.com28 August 2017, Ahmedabad
  • “Good prices and a good policy”

    I like the chat box on your site. I was assisted throughout the process while I was buying a two wheeler insurance for my scooter. Good prices and a good policy.

    mashesh6677@gmail.com27 August 2017, Bhisawal
  • “Thanks a lot”

    I just filled in my details on their form as I was still in the research phase of buying a good bike insurance. However, the very same day a representative called me up, explained all the benefits and costing of the policy. He even assisted me in buying the two wheeler insurance. So, thanks a lot.

    vijay.s.sharma5@gmail.com25 August 2017, Bihar
  • “Reliance Bike Insurance is good”

    Due to the heavy rains, my bike skid in Mahape. I filed for a claim the same day. The claim settlement team was swift. Will be renewing this bike insurance policy.

    kpatel@yahoo.com30 June 2017, Pune
  • “A good well rounded policy.”

    My dad purchased his motorcycle insurance from Reliance and I followed suit. A good well rounded policy.

    bsaahu@outlook.com29 June 2017, Darjeeling
  • “Good Two Wheeler Insurance Policy”

    My daughter drives her scooty to work. I took this two wheeler insurance for her. The roads have become really risky. With Reliance Insurance I have less worry. June 2017, Kochi
  • “Two wheeler policy from Reliance is value for money.”

    Reliance is a good brand so I didn�t think too much before buying this policy. Two wheeler insurance from Reliance is value for money.

    kyogesh@yahoo.com27 June 2017, Telangana
  • “Got a really good discount on my bike insurance policy”

    Got a really good discount on my bike insurance policy. They have explained the policy details very well and price was really great. Better to purchase it right now before the GST kicks in.

    rajeevg@google.com26 June 2017, Kolkotta
  • “Reliance General Insurance rocks!”

    My first online purchase of bike insurance. Initially I was a little skeptical, but the process is so simple and speedy that it won me over. I even got a great discount. I advise people to get a two wheeler insurance, it's as important as your license!

    kxxxx271957@rediffmail.com20 June 2017, Alwar
  • “A well rounded and competitively priced two wheeler insurance policy”

    The process is buying insurance has become so easy. I filled a quote form, my details and went on to pay. The entire process took less than 20 minutes. All the vehicles in the house are insured with reliance so this was no exception. A well rounded and competitively priced two wheeler insurance policy.

    xaxxxxxxxx@rediffmail.com19 June 2017, Ernakulam
  • “40% discount is good”

    When they offer a 40% discount on their bike insurance, we take it! So immediately purchased this one.

    Rx2xxx@gmail.com16 June 2017, Chennai
  • “Special thanks to your chat support team on the website”

    Special thanks to your chat support team on the website. They explained all the complicated insurance terms like ncb and add on covers before I purchased this two wheeler insurance policy.

    kxxxxxx.rxxxx@gmail.com15 June 2017, Hyderabad
  • “Reliance is very helpful”

    I had parked my scooty near bhandup railway station and it got stolen. It was an only a year old and I tried so hard to find it. I filed a police complain and it took forever. Luckily I had a two wheeler insurance policy. Reliance General sent a team to confirm, looked into the police complain and agreed to cover for the theft. I thought I lost all my money but thank god, the insurance company paid.

    martxxx.d@sc.com14 June 2017, Thane
  • “Made a claim last month and got the amount as initially promised”

    Made a claim last month and got the amount as initially promised. So will definitely be renewing this motorcycle insurance. The help was there when I needed it. Thanks.

    gxxxxx.dxxxxxxx@gmail.com14 June 2017, Bengaluru
  • “I like this bike insurance”

    I like this bike insurance, its affordable and provides a good coverage too. I have this policy since the past 8 years and I have made 2 claims so far. Good experience, will be renewing this again this year.

    Khxxxx1980@google.com13 June 2017, Pune
  • “Thanks for the chat support”

    Thanks for the chat support. I was looking for a two wheeler insurance plan online and these guys were available on chat with me. Bought a good policy, thanks.

    vk56xxxxx52@gmail.com12 June 2017, Mumbai
  • “Renewing with Reliance General Insurance”

    Most companies are nice to you while you make the purchase and then don�t help during claims. What I like about your company is that you�ll are cordial and helpful even during claims. So I�m renewing my two wheeler insurance with reliance this year.

    Bsxxxxx@yahoo.com9 June 2017, Kolkatta
  • “Nice motorcycle insurance”

    Nice motorcycle insurance. Got a good discount plus additional no claim bonus discount. I like it.

    Mjasxxx@google.com8 June 2017, Chennai
  • “Good 40% discount”

    Got a good 40% discount on my Suzuki Access bike insurance policy. I took a complete coverage, not yet made a claim and it’s been a year. Definitely going to get a no claim bonus while I renew my policy.

    kruti.s@gmail.com6 June 2017, Ahmedabad
  • “Price is reasonable and the coverage is good”

    Was assisted by the chat service while I was buying an insurance policy for my ktm duke 200. The price is quite reasonable and the coverage is good – at par with the competitors for a good price.

    dhanashree.p@gmail.com5 June 2017, Mumbai
  • “Thanks a lot for this good two wheeler insurance policy”

    I would like to thank the claim support team. My bike skid on an oily road and I ended by damaging the fenders and handle bar of my bike. I informed the claims team, I gave my bike to a garage that had a partnership with Reliance. Since they have the system of cashless garages I didn’t have to pay a single rupee. Thanks a lot for this good two wheeler insurance policy.

    mayuri.s@gmail.com2 June 2017, Kolhapur
  • “Price is reasonable and the coverage is extensive.”

    Got a good two wheeler insurance policy for my bullet. Was going on a bike trek and my friends advised Reliance General. The price is reasonable and the coverage is extensive.

    sandeep.b@gmail.com2 June 2017, Bengaluru
  • “Call support was friendly and informative”

    I insured my scooty recently. The call support was friendly and informative. I’m sure I’ll renew my scooter insurance with Reliance only.

    aishwarya.p@gmail.com1 June 2017, Mangalore
  • “Purchased two wheeler insurance from Reliance General”

    I needed a detailed two wheeler insurance cover for my newly purchased Royal Enfield. This is my first motor cycle and I had no prior knowledge of two wheeler insurance. After making several comparisons on aggregator websites, I finally purchased two wheeler insurance from Reliance General.

    afreen.s@gmail.com19 May 2017, Moga
  • “Claim settlement was easy and quick”

    I needed a two wheeler insurance for my Activa. i got one from Reliance. A biker speeding by broke my tail lights and scratched my car. The claim settlement was easy and quick. Thangka a lot.

    mubasshir.k@gmail.com18 May 2017, Mohali
  • “Reliance offered the best deal on the two wheeler insurance policy”

    My friend was buying a bike and while comparing we realized that reliance offered the best deal on the two wheeler insurance policy. since then I am continuing with them reliance for their service

    mansoor.s@gmail.com17 May 2017, Nainital
  • “Extremely happy with their quick & hassle free process”

    I recently bought a TVS Jupiter for my sister. During my buying process, I realized that a 2 wheeler insurance should be must in today's times. After a lot of research I chose Reliance General. Extremely happy with their quick & hassle free process.

    saif.s@gmail.com16 May 2017, Nashik
  • “Offered maximum flexibility and optimum cover paired with hassle free activation”

    Having a two wheeler insurance is a must and therefore when I bought a two wheeler last year, I did my research over a host of insurance plans and finally zeroed in on Reliance's Two Wheeler Insurance Plan as it offered maximum flexibility and optimum cover paired with hassle free activation.

    raja.s@gmail.com15 May 2017, Lucknow
  • “Gave best rates and have an amazing service”

    I was looking out for a two wheeler insurance for my KTM duke. I came across reliance general 2 wheeler insurance which gave best rates and have an amazing service. Will definitely refer to my friends.

    yogesh.r@gmail.com12 May 2017, Jaipur
  • “Found Reliance bike insurance to be really good”

    I was about to buy my bike and was reading blogs on what a good bike insurance should be like. I found the Reliance bike insurance to be really good. It was quickly processed. It has been one 7 months and I can vouch for this insurance

    amrit.k@gmail.com11 May 2017, Pali
  • “Overall online process was quick and seamless”

    While purchasing my new bike, the dealer advised me to purchase a 2 wheeler insurance for the vehicle. Since it was a new thing for me, I tried searching about the details on lot of informative and aggregator website and came across the insurance quote facility which was available on the Reliance general website. The steps were pretty simple and quote was quite reasonable. Post that I registered for the insurance on their website and the overall online process was quick and seamless. I would highly recommend Reliance for 2 wheeler insurance.

    romil.s@gmail.com10 May 2017, Thiruvananthapuram
  • “Steps were pretty simple and quote was quite reasonable”

    I love my 2006 bullet and would not exchange it for anything. Thanks to the superb quote for my bike insurance, I just renewed my policy with Reliance General with cashless facility using PayTM

    ishwar.r@gmail.com9 May 2017, Thrissur
  • “Found Reliance's offering to be the best”

    I recently bought a Pulsar for my daily office commutes. As this was my first time riding a bike, I learnt that having a insurance is compulsory. I researched online and compared various plans, and found Reliance's offering to be the best. I'm happy with my decision.

    sooraj.vs@gmail.com8 May 2017, Tuljapur
  • “Glad to have selected Reliance General Insurance Team”

    The support person gave the maximum details possible and answered all my two wheeler insurance query. Well appreciated. Very glad to have selected Reliance General Insurance.

    kxxxx2xxxx7@rediffmail.com11 August 2016, Mumbai
  • “Insurance renew without inspection”

    After a break in my insurance policy, I was scared I have to pay large amount on inspection. However I got a bike insurance policy with Reliance without any inspection.

    RRxxx6@gmail.com11 August 2016, Pune
  • “Decent Support & Chat Service”

    Decent support & chat service. Got all the answers I was looking for motorcycle insurance policy. Great subject knowledge. Thank your Reliance General Insurance

    bxnsxgxrxax@gmail.com11 August 2016, Gurgaon
  • “Got amazing coverage at cost-effective price”

    Got amazing discount on two wheeler insurance. Thank you Reliance General Team!

    rxxxxxx@hotmail.com21 June 2016, Patna
  • “Very Supportive & Helpful”

    Thanks to Jxxxx to help me update my policy number details. He was very supportive and help me solve every two wheeler insurance query i had asked for. Thanks for your help Jxxxx! Keep up the good work..!! June 2016, Gujrat
  • “Good Job Reliance General Insurance”

    Got Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Policy without any inspection. Thank you.

    maxxxx@gmail.com21 April 2016, Mumbai
  • “Ease of buying the two wheeler insurance policy”

    Got Bike insurance at 50% discount! Really happy with the price and the ease of buying the policy

    ixsxixx@gmail.com1 April 2016, New Delhi
  • “Happy with my Bike insurance policy from Reliance.”

    Happy with my Bike insurance policy from Reliance. Cheap rates and exceptional support makes it an obvious choice for bike owners.

    xxhxxxxx8x@gmail.com31 March 2016, Jaipur
  • “Great smooth website from Reliance General Insurance”

    Was able to buy my Bike insurance policy in a matter of minutes. Great smooth website from Reliance General Insurance

    xaxpxtx@gmail.com25 February 2016, Chennai
  • “Lowest two wheeler insurance premium from Reliance”

    Got the lowest two wheeler insurance premium from Reliance. Not a big fan on spending big on mandatory third party insurance. February 2016, Mumbai
  • “Online staff were extremely friendly”

    The online staff were extremely friendly in solving my issue regarding two wheeler insurance policy and I would definitely recommend this to my relatives and friends . The work was done real quick , totally responsive online helpers named AXXXy and PXXXa .Thank you for your support.

    axaxixx@yahoo.com24 February 2016, New Delhi
  • “Chat Service was exceptional”

    I am satisfied with the help given for two wheeler insurance by Ms. PRXXX with online chat service. she was very helpful during the chat with very professional approach.

    nxxxx1xx@yahoo.com1 February 2016, Uttarakhand
  • “Great support from Reliance”

    Effortless process, really good work-flow in place those involved know whats expected out of them and their TAT, good use of tech! Great support for purchasing my bike insurance policy.Proud to be associated!

    mxx.rxx@gmail.com1 February 2016, Mumbai
  • “Awesome customer support”

    I had talked to PXXXa for a query on my motorcycle insurance and she was very patient to listen to my issue and provided me all the support required for resolving my issue. Awesome customer support. Thank you.

    dxxxxx1x@yahoo.com30 January 2016, Bangalore
  • “Great going Reliance!”

    I had talked to PXXXX for a query on my two wheeler insurance and she was very patient to listen to my issue and provided me all the support required for resolving my issue. Great going!

    lxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com11 January 2016, Nellore
  • “I'm really impressed”

    I'm really impressed with the online service which you people provide. That is the reason I'm still using Reliance General Insurance though we have some others in the market.

    dxxxxx11@yahoo.com8 January 2016, Bengaluru
  • “Glad to have selected Reliance General Insurance”

    The support person JXXX gave the maximum details possible and answered all my queries. Well appreciated. Very glad to have selected Reliance Bike Insurance

    pxxxxx742@gmail.com7 January 2016, Nagpur
  • “Insurance renew without inspection”

    After a break in my insurance policy, I was scared I have to pay large amount on inspection. However I got a bike insurance policy with Reliance without any inspection.

    RRxxx6@gmail.com19 December 2015, Pune
  • “Glad to have selected Reliance General Insurance Team”

    The support person gave the maximum details possible and answered all my two wheeler insurance query. Well appreciated. Very glad to have selected Reliance General Insurance.

    kxxxx2xxxx7@rediffmail.com18 December 2015, Mumbai
  • “Decent Support & Chat Service”

    Decent support & chat service. Got all the answers I was looking for motorcycle insurance policy. Great subject knowledge. Thank your Reliance General Insurance

    bxnsxgxrxax@gmail.com17 December 2015, Gurgaon
  • “Good work by Reliance team”

    Quick Process and best option of choosing the IDV value limit on bike insurance. Good work by Reliance team. Specially the Chat service

    axxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com16 November 2015, Lucknow
  • “Good claim process”

    Reliance team answered all my two insurance queries promptly and assisted me throughout the claim process.

    rxxxxxxxx@gmail.com4 November 2015, Kolkata
  • “Helpful in renewing my policy”

    Axxxxx , helped me with the renewal of my two wheeler insurance policy. Thanks to him.

    maxxxxxxxik4xxx@gmail.com30 October 2015, Agra
  • “Wonderful chat team”

    I had a good chat with a member of Reliance chat team. He helped me in a very professional manner. I purchased two wheeler insurance hassle free. Thanks team.

    Soxxxxxxxxp@gmail.com23 October 2015, Kerala
  • “Very Supportive & Helpful”

    Thanks to Jxxxx to help me update my policy number details. He was very supportive and help me solve every two wheeler insurance query i had asked for. Thanks for your help Jxxxx! Keep up the good work..!! October 2015, Gujrat
  • “Happy with my new policy”

    I would like to recognize xxxxx Emp ID:xxxxx, for her quick and perfect support today. She was incredibly quick and provided perfect answers to all my queries. I was able to renew my policy 92027xxxxxx. Thanks team for your support.

    rxxxxxx@hotmail.com14 October 2015, Patna
  • “Good Service”

    Good service from Reliance General Insurance

    rxxxxxx@hotmail.com8 October 2015, Baroda
  • “Happy”

    I took Policy from Reliance General Insurance and was happy with the service. I wish you good luck for future Thanks

    dxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com29 September 2015, Bhuj
  • “Good Service”

    I recently called the call center and was amazed at the quality of output.The person who attended me understood my query at once and quickly answered all my questions.

    rxxxxxx@hotmail.com22 September 2015, Pali
  • “Nice products”

    Good products reasonable pricing.

    vxxxxxx@gmail.com15 September 2015, Nashik
  • “Good Job”

    Good job team.

    pxxxxx@hotmail.com4 September 2015, Malegaon
  • “Brilliant Team”

    Your team is brilliant. They handled my claim very efficiently.Staff was prompt and responsive.

    lxxxxxxx@yahoo.com24 August 2015, Kagaznagar
  • “Good website”

    I like your website.Its very simple to use.

    dxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com20 August 2015, Loha
  • “Thank you team”

    I am very happy taking my Two Wheeler policy from Reliance General Insurance.Thank you team,You guys are brilliant.

    nxxxxxxxx@rediffmail.com19 August 2015, Baroda
  • “Thank you team Reliance General Insurance.”

    I have recently taken 2 policies from Reliance General Insurance. From the time I received my first call from your executive till receiving my policy document she was fantastic in supporting my requirement, getting me a fair price. Really I am very happy being a customer.

    Thank you team Reliance General Insurance10 August 2015, Baroda
  • “Helpful and quick”

    Your executive was very helpful and quick.Really hats off to you guys.

    sxxxxxxx@yahoo.com9 August 2015, Shivamogga
  • “Kudos to the Claims Team”

    My claim was processed before the date committed to me. I would like to thank you all. Interacting with your customer care executives was real helpful and I can say for sure that very few customer care associates understand the whole process and value customer, which is a real help to the customer. Thank you very much.

    axxxxxx@yahoo.com7 August 2015, Sikar
  • “Awesome Site”

    Easy to renew vehicle insurance. Till date my claim experience was also very smooth

    bexxxxxxc@yahoo.com30 July 2015, Bangalore
  • “Thank you for helping me”

    Thank you Reliance General Insurance for helping me in finding right policy me ..

    txxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com29 July 2015, Ghaziabad
  • “Brilliant team”

    I had interaction with your team and the support is excellent. I could renew my Two wheeler insurance hassle free with extended support from your brilliant gems.Reliance General Insurance rocks.

    pxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com28 July 2015, Chennai
  • “Easy and convenient service”

    Easy and convenient service.Thanks

    Sxxxp@gmail.com22 July 2015, Jaipur
  • “Great experience”

    Your staff is very nice. I had a really good experience dealing with your staff. July 2015, Darjiling
  • “Thank you Reliance General”

    Getting a policies used to be a painful task, so many policies to choose from, lengthy terms and conditions and what not. I am thankful to Reliance General Insurance.They are really very helpful, fast and effective.

    axxxx@yahoo.com1 July 2015, Bhilwara
  • “Compliments”

    I am very satisfied with your whatsapp service. I have renewed my policy- 11xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx under the guidance provided there. My rating for you is been 5.Good job done team.

    sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com30 June 2015, Mumbai
  • “Good package and prompt service”

    Good package and prompt service. Thank you Reliance General Insurance.

    pxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com24 June 2015, Adyar
  • “Awesome.. really nice”

    Reliance General Insurance is awesome really nice ...

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