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Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings

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4.4(Based on 122 ratings)

Reliance Health Insurance

As one of the leading Health insurance companies, we offer the most comprehensive coverage, extend exception support to our customers, and provide quick and hassle-free claim settlement. In addition, our wellness program offers enticing discounts on the best health and lifestyle centers. The result is happy customers who vouch for us. Have a look at the figures to be sure.

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  • “Family health insurance is good at a competitive rate.”

    The transactions are smooth and the customer service is helpful. The coverage provided by family health insurance is good at a competitive rate.

    axixaxh.s@gmail.com13 February 2017, Hubli
  • “Happy with Reliance Health Insurance!”

    Happy with the HealthGain product. Loving the added benefits provided by Reliance General Insurance.

    axhxtxsx.v@gmail.com13 February 2017, Jharkhand
  • “Good experience with Reliance General Insurance”

    Had a very good experience with Reliance. Easy and quick claim settlement for my HealthGain policy.

    axhxsxex.c@gmail.com10 February 2017, Mysore
  • “Helpful customer service”

    Helpful customer service who guided me about the health insurance policy that suited me best.

    ayan.a@gmail.com10 February 2017, Uttar Pradesh
  • “Keep up the good job. Thanks a lot for helping me.”

    The customer support executive helped me renew 2 health insurance policies online. She was patient and very helpful in solving all my queries. Online chat experience has been the best I have experienced on any portal. I hope all the employees are as efficient as her. Keep up the good job. Thanks a lot for helping me.

    Rx2xxx@gmail.com11 August 2016, New Delhi
  • “Claim process is streamlined”

    Reliance was a pillar of support during my son's illness. The health insurance claim process was extremely streamlined and the staff was also helpful.

    kxxrxx7x95x@rediffmail.com11 August 2016, Coimbatore
  • “Thank you Reliance”

    Got an amazing discount!!! Reliance General Insurance is the best.

    yxxxxxxxxxxxx@rediffmail.com21 June 2016, Satara
  • “Wonderful Support from Reliance General Team”

    I got a wonderful support from the Reliance General team, it made my work very simple. The support member helped me to renew my health insurance policy by getting all the details with the best premium compared to other companies...Thanks a lot Reliance Insurance.

    shuxxxxxxxx@gmail.com21 June 2016, Hyderabad
  • “Thank you Reliance Health Insurance”

    Got special 5% discount on girl child. Thank you Reliance Health Insurance

    afxxxx@gmail.com21 April 2016, Mumbai
  • “On the whole, a satisfactory experience!”

    My Policy No. is 110545231XXXXX and Claim No. is 31160XXXX, and the service which Reliance General Insurance has provided me is commendable. It was my first health insurance claim experience, and overall I am happy with that. The customer service, hassle-free procedure, and speedy credit of the settlement amount impressed me thoroughly. On the whole, a satisfactory experience!

    axxxxxbxxxxxxx@gmail.com1 April 2016, Mumbai
  • “Good Job Reliance General Insurance”

    The claim process of my health insurance was pretty seamless. The claim officer was also helpful and suggested which documents were important. Good Job Reliance!

    vixxvxraxhx@gmail.com31 March 2016, Chennai
  • “Thank god I choose Reliance Health Insurance!”

    Received help a month ago during my son's hospitalization. Thank god I choose Reliance Health Insurance!

    mxuxexhxk@gmail.com31 March 2016, Madgaon
  • “I am really happy with the chat facility”

    I am really happy with the chat facility that I availed and the executive solved my query within minutes. Thanks Reliance health insurance

    lxixx.lxexx@yahoo.com24 February 2016, Ernakulam
  • “Glad I took Reliance Health Insurance Policy”

    Availed Cashless Hospitalization when my father was hospitalized for dengue. Glad I went for Reliance Health insurance policy

    vxxxxxaxixaxnxx@gmail.com23 February 2016, Bangalore
  • “Got help when I needed the most”

    My health insurance claim was processed smoothly. Got help when I needed the most. Thank you Reliance

    mx.mxxxxx@gmail.com1 February 2016, Bengaluru
  • “Reliance policy helped me a lot!”

    Received cashless hospitalization when my wife was hospitalized. Reliance medical insurance policy helped me a lot!

    xjxxx8x@gmail.com30 January 2016, Delhi
  • “Received help when needed the most”

    Received help when needed the most. My daughter's hospitalization didnt require a single penny from me. Thanks Reliance health insurance

    kxxxxxx.rxxxx@gmail.com11 January 2016, Hyderabad
  • “Buying Reliance Health insurance was one of the best decisions I made”

    Buying Reliance Health insurance was one of the best decisions I made. My wife was treated for free all thanks to reliance!

    gxxxxx.dxxxxxxx@gmail.com8 January 2016, Bengaluru
  • “Claim process is streamlined”

    Reliance was a pillar of support during my son's illness. The health insurance claim process was extremely streamlined and the staff was also helpful.

    kxxrxx7x95x@rediffmail.com19 December 2015, Coimbatore
  • “Keep up the good job. Thanks a lot for helping me.”

    The customer support executive helped me renew 2 health insurance policies online. She was patient and very helpful in solving all my queries. Online chat experience has been the best I have experienced on any portal. I hope all the employees are as efficient as her. Keep up the good job. Thanks a lot for helping me.

    Rx2xxx@gmail.com18 December 2015, New Delhi
  • “Most affordable price on the market”

    Most affordable price on the market & exceptional service. Good work by Reliance Health insurance team.

    kxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com18 November 2015, Bangalore
  • “I recommend your health Insurance to my colleagues”

    Experience with Reliance General from the date when I intimated to claim settled was overwhelming. Your most efficient service that I like is TIMELINE. Due to your quick service I recommend your health Insurance to my colleagues.

    cxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com6 November 2015, Pondicherry
  • “Good assitance from Reliance Team”

    I got assisted by Mr. GXXX. He helped me with renewing health insurance online. Nice support from him. Thanks for all the help.

    kpxxxxxx0xx1@gmail.com21 October 2015, Goa
  • “Wonderful Support from Reliance General Team”

    I got a wonderful support from the Reliance General team, it made my work very simple. The support member helped me to renew my health insurance policy by getting all the details with the best premium compared to other companies...Thanks a lot Reliance Insurance.

    shuxxxxxxxx@gmail.com19 October 2015, Hyderabad
  • “Best services”

    Reliance General Insurance is the best.

    yxxxxxxxxxxxx@rediffmail.com8 October 2015, Satara
  • “Excellent service”

    Excellent service from Reliance General Insurance in renewing my insurance policy

    mxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com29 September 2015, Jaipur
  • “Nice”

    Very good and clear information and guidance for renewal of existing policy. Thanks a lot

    kxxxxxxx@yahoo.com27 September 2015, Kerala
  • “Fair pricing”

    I like the products and the pricing is fair.Services are prompt.

    pxxxxx@hotmail.com22 September 2015, Thrissur
  • “Happy customer”

    I had put a claim the same got processed very fast and as per my expectations. I got my rightful amount.

    axxxxxx@yahoo.com4 September 2015, Manachanallur
  • “Good products”

    Your products are designed very nicely.I have a Health and multiple motor policies from Reliance.I am your loyal customer and always suggest my friends and family to take policy from Reliance General Insurance.

    rxxxxxx@hotmail.com20 August 2015, Lakshmeshwar
  • “Good Experience”

    Better Website experience when compared to other insurers.

    jxxxxxxxxx@rediffmail.com19 August 2015, Jhansi
  • “My best wishes are with you”

    Your executive Mr.xxxxxx is a very good and gentleman... by his healthy response i buy my policy while expiry date is in September wishing a very good and bright future for him. GOD bless you all.

    nxxxxxxxx@rediffmail.com10 August 2015, Viswanatham
  • “Very supportive”

    The team at Reliance General Insurance is very supportive. I had put a claim and the same was handled swiftly with accuracy.

    kxxxxxxx@yahoo.com5 August 2015, Pune
  • “Easy to Renew”

    Awesome,Fast and Reliable.I am happy taking a policy from Reliance General Insurance.

    nixxxxxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com30 July 2015, Warangal
  • “Awesome,Fast and Reliable”

    Very easy and smooth process to use Reliance General Insurance Website.

    nxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com30 July 2015, Alappuzha
  • “Really nice”

    I like everything about Reliance General Insurnce.The website, staff…They are very helpful I was initially very hesistant but you made me feel comfortable.

    mxxxxx@yahoo.com22 July 2015, Thane
  • “Very easy online mode”

    Very easy online mode for taking policy and managing service request.

    pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com13 July 2015, Varkaa
  • “Process is easy and pricing is less.”

    Process is easy and pricing is less than competitors.

    sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com13 July 2015, Bhopal
  • “Thank you Team”

    Your employee is very much cooperative and kind towards customer. I am thankful for providing such support. Regards Jayant

    dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com5 July 2015, Mumbai
  • “Good Website !!!”

    Good Website..Nice features. All the best.

    mxxxxxx@indiatimes.com2 July 2015, Belagavi
  • “Knowledgeable team”

    Reliance General staff assisted me in renewing my policy, The team member was too good very fast and full knowledge of the policy details, Such people are an asset to your company. All the best I am very happy and a satisfied customer.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com29 June 2015, Vijayawada
  • “Wow website”

    Your website is really nice. I was comfortable navigating through. Cheers….

    pxxxxxxx@yahoo.com24 June 2015, Afzalpur
  • “I am happy with the free sim card offer.”

    I like the free international sim card which I used while I was on vacation.Sfe and secured always with Reliance General Insurance.

    Rxxxxxxx@yahoo.com16 June 2015, Alibaug
  • “Good Service”

    Good Service and helpful team thank you Reliance General.

    yxxxxxx@rediffmail.com12 June 2015, Bikaner
  • “I am happy with the pricing.”

    I am happy with the pricing and purchase experience, that's why I continued 2nd time. Thank you.

    jixxxx.xxu@gmail.com9 June 2015, Chennai
  • “Called on the Toll free Number”

    Called on the Toll free Number. Attendant was really helpful and provided good assistance while renewing the policy

    Yxxxxx.sxxxx@hotmail.com5 June 2015, Thane
  • “Satisfied”

    I have to mention this to all your reader that Reliance General Insurance has exceded my expectations and I am very satisified with their claims process. Keep up the good work.

    rxxxxxxxx1@msn.com3 June 2015, Jaipur
  • “Good job really liked your website”

    Good job really liked your website hope to see more good features keep it up.

    Dexxxxxx@gmail.com2 June 2015, Goregaon
  • “I will recommend your work”

    I have liked your policies as compared to other insurane companies and will recommend your work and products to my friends.

    Arxxxxxxx@rediffmail.com2 June 2015, Bhopal
  • “Payment options were helpful.”

    While buying policy from Reliance General Insurance.The payment options offered were very nice.

    yxxxxxi@gmail.com1 June 2015, Nashik
  • “Superb and simple renewal process”

    Superb and simple renewal process.In no time my policy was renewed.

    sxxxxxxxxxa@yahoo.in1 June 2015, Erode
  • “Nice experience”

    The payment process is very smooth, good experience

    nitxxxxxxxxni@gmail.com17 May 2015, Gurgaon
  • “Good experience”

    Good insurance in very good price

    drnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgh@yahoo.com16 May 2015, Kolkatta
  • “Good experience”

    Good buying experience

    kul*******ad@rediffmail.com15 May 2015, United States
  • “Easy Access”

    Nice service.. Easy access.. Website is user friendly

    aisxxxxxxxxxxxxamy@gmail.com7 May 2015, Bangalore
  • “Excellent Customer Service”

    I was little confused about my hospital claim then I called your toll free number I got detailed revert from the person ensuring no documents were missed.

    Muralixxxx90@hotmail.com5 May 2015, Nellore
  • “Systematic”

    Great job, keep up the good work. Buying insurance was systematic and complete.

    mybxxxxxx@yahoo.com1 May 2015, Goa
  • “Hassel Free Claim”

    I have a health insurance with Reliance General Insurance. The claim was processed within timeline and I was guided very well by their staff on the process and paper work. I would want to recommend others also to try Reliance.

    kaxxxxxxxel@gmail.com27 April 2015, Gurgaon
  • “Good”

    KEEP IT UP !

    suxxxxxr@live.in10 April 2015, Cochin
  • “Helpful”

    Good & user-friendly site.

    axxxxxxxx1203@gmail.com6 April 2015, Kolkatta
  • “Low Rates”

    Good Design of website April 2015, Chennai
  • “Easy Process”

    Thanks for making it easy

    akprxxxxxx0@rediffmail.com27 March 2015, Delhi
  • “Very nice.”

    Very nice.

    nexxxx@krsglobalgroup.com27 March 2015, Jalalpur
  • “Renewal”

    Renewing policy online was a really good experience

    bhuv*****@gmail.com20 March 2015, Dehradun
  • “Easy Process”

    Its easy to buy an Health Insurance

    sure*****@yahoo.com18 March 2015, Bangalore
  • “Reasonable”

    Health Insurance of Reliance was reasonable as compared to others.

    aaji****@hotmail.com18 March 2015, Mumbai
  • “Insured”

    Today I have insured my healt in few easy steps.Thank you Reliance.

    mirz****@gmail.com17 March 2015, Hyderabad
  • “Helpful”

    Family worries are over.Your team is helpful

    kikk*****@yahoo.com17 March 2015, Mysore
  • “Entire Family.”

    Our entire family Health policy is taken from you all.Hoping for Happy times.

    mohi*****@gmail.com17 March 2015, New Delhi
  • “Like It”

    I like your service.I will recommend you.

    Gopa*****@gmail.com17 March 2015, Bangalore
  • “Like It”

    Like the customer support help

    prak*****@gmail.com16 March 2015, Vizag
  • “Best”

    Best Pricing

    rajn*****@gmail.com16 March 2015, Coimbatore
  • “Good Experience”

    Good Buying Experience

    been*****@rediffmail.com16 March 2015, Ernakulam
  • “Good”

    Good policies

    hari*****@yahoo.com15 March 2015, Hyderabad
  • “Sad Expereicne”

    Not happy with the service.

    mahe*****@hotmail.com15 March 2015, Chennai
  • “No Problem”

    No problem while buying it was easy.Hope claims process also will be fast and easy.

    taky*****@gmail.com15 March 2015, Mumbai
  • “Best pricing”

    Best pricing

    bala*****@yahoo.com14 March 2015, Chennai
  • “Simple”

    Very simple buying process. Not the lowest, but a fair price.

    p_ns*****@gmail.com13 March 2015, Chennai
  • “Good Times”

    Good times are here with Reliance General.

    bss1*****@gmail.com13 March 2015, Hyderabad
  • “Site.”

    Helpful Site

    nare*****@gmail.com13 March 2015, Chennai
  • “Chat.”

    Your chat services were good and helpful.

    dile*****@gmail.com13 March 2015, Bangalore
  • “Claim.”

    Hope you will give my claim fast as I got the policy.

    giri*****@gmail.com12 March 2015, Mumbai
  • “Good.”

    Good policy

    sass*****@rediffmail.com12 March 2015, Chennai
  • “Team work”

    Cooperative team.

    rous*****@yahoo.com11 March 2015, Bangalore
  • “Glad”

    I am glad to be your customer.

    cpcl*****@hotmail.com11 March 2015, Chennai
  • “Network”

    Good list on network for hospitals

    SANB*****@gmail.com11 March 2015, Howrah
  • “Exceeded my expectations”

    Superb Experience.

    sumi*****@gmail.com10 March 2015, Noida
  • “Delighted.”

    Delighted to be a customer of Reliance General.

    Ritz*****@yahoo.com10 March 2015, Ernakulam
  • “Surprised”

    Pleasant Experience

    nave*****@gmail.com9 March 2015, Bangalore
  • “Happy with product”

    I am in love with Reliance General Health Policy.Very happy with the product.

    laks*****@gmail.com8 March 2015, Hyderabad
  • “Nice”

    Nice Site.

    vala*****@gmail.com7 March 2015, Jaipur
  • “Needs improvement”

    You people need to improve

    shai*****@gmail.com6 March 2015, Mumbai
  • “Worth”

    Your pricing is very good and affordable.

    knig*****@gmail.com6 March 2015, Mumbai
  • “Service”

    Friendly and professional service

    sree*****@rediffmail.com5 March 2015, Bangalore
  • “Awesome”

    Great online qoute. easy to do and purchase

    madh*****@yahoo.com4 March 2015, Ahmedabad
  • “Reliance”

    Thank you Reliance for being so easy,pleasant,fair and understanding!!!!!

    vija*****@hotmail.com4 March 2015, Mumbai
  • “Do well.”

    Overall can do better.

    bans*****@yahoo.com4 March 2015, Patna
  • “Friends told us”

    Friends told us we checked it and we are thankful to them.

    pk.m*****@gmail.com3 March 2015, Kolkata
  • “Products are easy”

    Products are easy to understand.

    vell*****@gmail.com3 March 2015, Hyderabad
  • “Nice”

    Good going.

    knke*****@gmail.com2 March 2015, Bangalore
  • “thanks”

    Great job! Thank You

    kohli_yogesh@yahoo.com15 February 2015, Mumbai
  • “Not able to generate policy need to call centre backup urgently”

    Great job! Thank You

    rajukkcdas@gmail.com15 February 2015, Delhi
  • “excellent revert from Live Chat”

    Great job! Thank You

    mvishal1979@gmail.com7 February 2015, Thane
  • “thanks i got my insurance in some easy steps.”

    Great job! Thank You

    gowhri@yahoo.com6 February 2015, Mumbai
  • “i am renewing it for past 3 years online & its best.”

    Great job! Thank You

    drriteshshah@hotmail.com5 February 2015, Mumbai
  • “excellent digital expierience”

    Great job! Thank You

    anjanita@gmail.com3 February 2015, Mumbai
  • “thanks”

    Great job! Thank You

    kohli_yogesh@yahoo.com23 January 2015, Mumbai
  • “very good online service”

    Great job! Thank You

    VISHWAKARMA_SUSHIIL@YAHOO.CO.IN22 January 2015, Mumbai
  • “​Good support from online chat”

    Great job! Thank You

    manimysdmebe@gmail.com20 January 2015, Hyderabad
  • “customer care was very helpful”

    Great job! Thank You

    josebobby37@gmail.com20 January 2015, Mumbai
  • “fast reverts on Chat , which iis very helpful”

    Great job! Thank You

    rajeev.gupta@groupm.com20 January 2015, Kolkotta
  • “excellent”

    Great job! Thank You

    palmd42@rediffmail.com17 January 2015, Mumbai
  • “your policies show up very attractive in websites which give comparative offers”

    Great job! Thank You

    pkmohanty99@yahoo.com14 January 2015, mumbai
  • “Good Approach And Response”

    Great job! Thank You

    svbk_4@outlook.com13 January 2015, Gujarat
  • “looks like digital world .. great..”

    Great job! Thank You January 2015, Mumbai
  • “very good”

    Great job! Thank You

    sandeep7376@gmail.com7 January 2015, Mumbai
  • “Good Approach And Response from customer care”

    Great job! Thank You

    drpsmishra@yahoo.com7 January 2015, Delhi
  • “Thank you for easy cashless hospitalisation.”

    Great job! Thank You

    Abiram Swami1 January 2015, Chennai
  • “Why there is no claim bonus for me. I am renewing since last 8 years and no claim at all..So why no claim bonus...”

    Great job! Thank You

    bsaahu@gmail.com27 December 2014, Pune
  • “call center was helpful”

    call center was helpful

    kprpatel@yahoo.com24 December 2014, Pune
  • “Thank you team for fast claim settlement”

    ​Thank you team for a fast claim settlement.

    Avnish S29 July 2014, Delhi
  • “bought policy online”

    Really appreciate the response of your team in settling my claim. Thanks​

    sxxxxxxxxxxxi@gmail.com14 July 2014, Mumbai