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Review & Ratings

Review & Ratings

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4.5(Based on 231 ratings)

Reliance Car Insurance

We, at Reliance General Insurance, believe in finding the best solution for each customer, quickly, correctly and with a helpful attitude. And when we want the world to know about the quality of our services, we simply let our customers do the talking. So have a look at our broad customer base and find out what they have to say about their experience with us.

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  • “Amazing Roadside assistance”

    I mainly buy this car insurance for its roadside assitance benefits. Totally worth it

    dhruv.b@gmxil.com6 December 2017, Indore
  • “helpful staff”

    I have been buying this car policy for a while. Great service team - both online and offline

    krishnx.r@gmxil.com5 December 2017, Thane
  • “great benefits”

    The discount is good and the benefits of this car insurance policy is great. Will be renewing this policy every year

    krish.x@gmxil.com4 December 2017, Bhopal
  • “Affordable car insurance premium”

    I think the price of this car insurance is very competitive for the features it offers. The claims team does a great job, talking from previous experiences

    xthxrv.s@gmxil.com1 December 2017, Pimpri-Chinchwad
  • “Happy with the Service”

    Special thanks to the claim assistance team.The inspection team was quick. Got a good deal on this car policy.

    mirzx.s@xmxil.com16 November 2017, Vasai
  • “Good support by claims team”

    The support team for car insurance is good.

    udxy.s@yxhoo.com15 November 2017, Vijayawada
  • “Free Roadside assistance is sheer brilliance!”

    The free road side assistance feature has been great. The service these guys provided me with really helped me. Overall a great car insurance.

    dhirxj.b@xol.com14 November 2017, Dombivli
  • “Great discount on Maruti car insurance”

    I have been renewing my maruti swift insurance with reliance for 5 years. I have claimed it once and the service was brilliant. The NCB plus their discounts are great.

    xxjit.p@rediffmxil.com13 November 2017, Detroit
  • “Got a good deal online”

    Buying car insurance online saves a lot of time and money. Plus the discounts are great.

    mxhit.k@yxhoo.com10 November 2017, Nagpur
  • “Good Car Insurance Plan”

    Happy with the coverage provided by Reliance General. Comprehensive car insurance covers a lot of scenarios to keep your vehicle protected.

    dilip.k@xmxil.com9 November 2017, Guwahati
  • “Easy to Renew Policy Online”

    I have been a Reliance General customer for three years now, without any hassle or complaints. They have one of the best car insurance plans in the market.

    xxkxsh.m@xmxil.com8 November 2017, Coimbatore
  • “Very happy with the Service”

    The claims process is very easy to follow online. And when I had queries, the customer service team got directly in touch with me. I'm happy with Reliance General's car insurance.

    chetxk.p@xmxil.com7 November 2017, Navi Mumbai
  • “Great Discounts”

    I could revise my IDV and opt for only those covers which I wanted. Got a great deal on my car insurance premium amount. Reliance General is a good option.

    rxmx.k@xmxil.com6 November 2017, Chandigarh
  • “Good Garage Network”

    I like the Free Roadside Assistance Service. When my car broke down on the road, a garage from Reliance's network was very close by. I got help very easily.

    soorxj.vs@xmxil.com3 November 2017, Kochi
  • “complete trust in this company”

    I trust this car insurance. I love travelling and take my SUV for long rides all over the country. From North to South, East to West, I have always taken my car. A car insurance, license and other documents are very important to me. Reliance has been there when I have faced any problem and I continue to buy from them.

    dhruv.b@gmxil.com26 October 2017, Indore
  • “Good customer service”

    I renew my car insurance with reliance every year. They are reliable and have a good customer service team. I recommend this to people looking to buy insurance for their vehicle.

    mxdhxvxdityx.g@gmxil.com25 October 2017, Visakhapatnam
  • “thanks to the claim assitance team”

    Special thanks to the claim assistance team. They are cordial and patient. When I called them, they immediately set up an appointment for inspection and showed up. The claim process went smoothly. Overall a good car insurance product.

    shxuryx.n@gmxil.com24 October 2017, Nagpur
  • “a good car insurance for my daily travel”

    I work with a corporate firm and use my car on a daily basis. I opted for reliance car insurance as it had a great discount with a good range of add on covers. I�m happy with the policy.

    xnsh.r@gmxil.com23 October 2017, Kanpur
  • “Great experience at Reliance”

    I recently renewed my car insurance policy with Reliance General Insurance. A while ago when I was driving to work, my car broke down. I had the worst experience, squatting in the hot sun and trying to fix my car. I finally managed to call for help. After that day, I decided I need an insurance with roadside assistance.

    xryxn.n@gmxil.com20 October 2017, Lucknow
  • “Very good coverage provided by this car insurance policy”

    Very good coverage provided by this car insurance policy. I am happy with my policy because most of the car related problems are covered. Good plan to have.

    palmd@gmail.com13 October 2017, Lucknow
  • “Great garage network provided by my car insurance plan”

    Great garage network provided by my car insurance plan. My car broke down on a highway en route to office and I had to look for a garage. It was a relief to find out that there was a garage very near to me. Reliance General has a very good network of garages for stranded cars and I got towing assistance. October 2017, Chandigarh
  • “Car insurance articles are a good reference point”

    Car insurance articles are a good reference point. It is good to see that you have explained common problems faced by online customers through articles.

    pkmohanty@gmail.com12 October 2017, Kolkata
  • “I happily opted for this discount”

    It is so great to find out that you are getting a discount on your policy for installing anti-theft devices in your car. When I was buying my car insurance policy online with Reliance General, I happily opted for this discount. Excellent discounts offered to online buyers.

    bsaahu@outlook.com12 October 2017, Kochi
  • “Good customer support.”

    Your team members are very prompt when it comes to solving queries. I was nervous about filing a claim on my car insurance plan online. But your representative gave me proper instructions. Kudos to Reliance General. Good customer support.

    manim@gmail.com11 October 2017, Ahmedabad
  • “Car insurance will keep me safe on the roads”

    Initially I was only going to buy third party liability cover because that is a mandate. But, Reliance General offers a great comprehensive car insurance policy. Plus the services given look very promising. I am happy that my car insurance will keep me safe on the roads, no matter what the situation.

    kpatel@yahoo.com11 October 2017, Navi Mumbai
  • “Process was simple for me.”

    I wanted to buy a car insurance plan for my Maruti Swift Dzire and looked for different plans online. I like that your form recognised my vehicle type while giving a car insurance quote. It made the process simple for me.

    svbk@gmail.com10 October 2017, New Delhi
  • “The information given on your website is very instructive”

    The information given on your website is very instructive. I found the answers to all my car insurance questions. Thanks for listing out all the terms and conditions clearly. It made the online buying procedure very easy for me.

    vishwakarmas@gmail.com10 October 2017, Indore
  • “Good information is given.”

    This is a nice policy offered by Reliance General Insurance. It was my first time buying my car insurance online and I found your website good to go through. Good information is given.

    drmishra@gmail.com9 October 2017, Chennai
  • “This is a great policy.”

    This is a great policy. Kudos to the support team for patiently guiding my through the buying process. This home insurance policy was recommended by a happy family member.

    joseb@gmail.com9 October 2017, Patna
  • “Renewed my car insurance policy with Reliance General recently”

    Renewed my car insurance policy with Reliance General recently and it was the right decision. I have always received timely help from your support staff. They always offer assistance, no matter what the situation. Great going.

    kyogesh@yahoo.com9 October 2017, Jaipur
  • “Roadside assistance is really helpful”

    The road side assistance feature turned out to be really useful. My car was actually stuck deep in water thanks to the Mumbai rains recently. I got in touch with the reliance team and they quickly took action. This is a good car insurance policy.

    vxnoxxx5@gmail.com25 September 2017, Chennai
  • “Claim process is very fast”

    While on a road trip to a hill station in Maharashtra, my car was broken into and my stereo system was stolen. I didn't know what to do because I wasn't home but on a vacation. I notified Reliance General of the theft and luckily they immediately initiated my claim process against my auto insurance policy. By the time I reached home, my new stereo system was ready to be installed in my car!

    jaba*****@rediffmail.com25 September 2017, Chennai
  • “50% discount is really great”

    I have been taking this car insurance policy for the last 6 years. I keep renewing the policy online every year. Technology has made everything too simple. I get a good 50% discount now considering I haven't made a single claim.

    kxxrxx7x95x@rediffmail.com22 September 2017, Coimbatore
  • “Car insurance policy is a must”

    An errant driver, in his attempt to overtake me in the first lane, scratched the right side of my car and broke my tail light. Thanks to my car insurance plan, I could get my tail light fixed in two days and was back on the road. It's important to have your car insured to stay protected from bad drivers.

    avsa*****@gmail.com22 September 2017, Tirunelveli
  • “Good product”

    At the price, it's a good car insurance policy. They have covered all the important aspects and have added in their own special features. Unique and good product.

    RRxxx6@gmail.com21 September 2017, Pune
  • “Network garages provided required assistance”

    The biggest emergency one can face while driving alone is in the middle of a breakdown, when one is stranded and the car needs assistance, there is nobody to help. This is where my car insurance really helped. Reliance General Insurance has a network of garages that provide assistance to you even if you don't have cash. This is a great help in times of need.

    vara*****@yahoo.com21 September 2017, Ahmedabad
  • “Discounts are great”

    We have 3 cars in the family and all of them are insured with reliance general. The prices are good and the service is great. I even get discounts on my car insurance policy. I have taken all their add-on covers as they have proved to be useful.

    kxmxrxk.xxddx@gmail.com20 September 2017, Kolkata
  • “Settled my claims without any hassle”

    I am really happy with Reliance General's quick response. I have needed their help with regard to my car insurance, and each time, they have come through. They settled my claims without any hassle.

    shak*****@yahoo.com20 September 2017, Vijayawada
  • “Thanks Reliance team for the help”

    I had certain doubts about my car insurance renewal. The instructions I found on your website were good but even more impressive was the help extended to me by Reliance General's staff. Thanks to them, I could easily renew my vehicle insurance policy.

    sing*****@gmail.com19 September 2017, Pune
  • “I managed to get my no claim bonus discount”

    I bought a car insurance policy from reliance team for my Renault kwid. Luckily I had taken the no claim bonus add on cover, so even after I made the claim, I managed to get my no claim bonus discount.

    srinixxxxxxxxx@gmail.com14 September 2017, Bangalore
  • “Happy with the service!”

    Definitely the free road side assistance is a great benefit along with this vehicle insurance. Since no other company gave it free and the pricing of reliance car insurance was similar to others, so I decided to take this car insurance. Happy with my choice.

    rahul.s.55@gmail.com31 August 2017, Shimla
  • “Free road side assistance is a great benefit”

    Definitely the free road side assistance is a great benefit along with this vehicle insurance. Since no other company gave it free and the pricing of reliance car insurance was similar to others, so I decided to take this car insurance. Happy with my choice.

    medha3211@gmail.com30 August 2017, Udaipur
  • “Happy with the settlement”

    My car met with an accident on a Mumbai highway. I immediately called up their road side assistance and they came, picked up my car and took it to a garage which was tied up with reliance for cashless facilities. I was relieved and happy with the settlement. Going to renew motor insurance with them again.

    mihir1983@gmail.com29 August 2017, Mumbai
  • “Reliance is a known brand”

    I was looking for a car insurance from a private company. Reliance is a known brand so I didn’t think twice. Since I haven’t made any claims in the past 5 years, I got a no claim bonus discount of 50% on my motor insurance.

    dinxxxxxxxxxx.xx@gmail.com28 August 2017, Vadodara
  • “Good going Reliance”

    This is one of the best vehicle insurance policies in the market right now, good going reliance.

    venkxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com25 August 2017, Hyderabad
  • “Renewing got so much easier!”

    Renewing car insurance policies have gotten so much easier. I just came online and purchased a car insurance sitting in my office within 5 minutes. Amazing!

    jasxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com24 August 2017, New Delhi
  • “Hassle free process by Reliance”

    I applied for a car insurance policy via the reliance general website. After the purchase of the policy, I got an email of the policy. The response has been quick and I even get updates on my mail. Pretty cool.

    uxxxxx.bxxxxxxxx@gmail.com20 June 2017, Mumbai
  • “Great buying experience on Reliance General Website”

    I wasn't sure about purchasing a policy online. I used to have an agent but I decided to buy a car policy independently this time. The online research took a while but it was definitely worth it. Got a great deal on this vehicle insurance policy and save a lot. Bye-Bye agent. Welcome online insurance purchase.

    lxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com19 June 2017, Nellore
  • “Very courteous support team”

    Very courteous support team. They guided me on chat while I was purchasing the motor insurance policy.

    dxxxxx11@yahoo.com16 June 2017, Bengaluru
  • “Reliance gives a very good no claim bonus discount”

    Reliance gives a very good no claim bonus discount. With the GST approaching, the car insurance premium will rise. So good time to buy insurance and they are giving a good discount on the vehicle policy. Discount + no claim bonus = lots of savings.

    uxxx.mxxxxx@gmail.com15 June 2017, New Delhi
  • “Best car insurance company I came across”

    I wanted to take the best car insurance company out there in the market as my Mercedes is really precious to me. A friend suggested reliance general to me and so after some preliminary research I purchased the policy. I even got a good no claim bonus discount. Thanks.

    rxxxxda.axxxxs@yahoo.com14 June 2017, Chennai
  • “Road side assistance service is bang on”

    Taking my time out to appreciate the claim settlement team of reliance. The road side assistance service is bang on (the only company to give rsa free worth 500), the claims team was quick and helpful. The accident wasn't a major one but it definitely helped that these guys were there.

    pxxxxx742@gmail.com14 June 2017, Nagpur
  • “Reliance call centre helped me”

    I ended up filling the quote form and left it. A guy called me on the same day, listened to what I wanted, gave me advice on how much coverage should I take on my car insurance policy and even helped me make the purchase.

    rxxxxkr@yahoo.com13 June 2017, Mumbai
  • “Buying policy is very easy”

    Purchased their car insurance policy online. I was at work and busy. Luckily I just had to enter my car number, I got the quote quickly. Since I was only renewing my policy, just had to make the payment. Thanks.

    yggxxxxxxa@gmail.com12 June 2017, Pune
  • “Free Roadside assistance rocks!”

    I was driving on the western express highway and a guy came from behind and crashed into my car. I was shocked and scared. Someone told me we�ll need a towing vehicle to take this car to the garage. This is when I used their road side assistance service I got with my car insurance. They handled the situation really well. After that day I recommend people to buy this policy.

    mybxxxxxx@yahoo.com9 June 2017, Goa
  • “Overall a well-rounded policy”

    Overall a well-rounded policy. The price and the coverage are both competitive. I purchased this policy as I got a good discount. Had to buy before GST kicks in as the premium will rise due to higher taxes.

    nilxxxx.kxxx@@live.com8 June 2017, Alibaug
  • “Very happy with Reliance car insurance”

    I recently had a car accident and made the insurance claim. I was very impressed with the way you’ll dealt with it. The inspection was quick and the claim process was smooth. Very happy with Reliance car insurance

    santosh.s@gmail.com6 June 2017, Kandivali
  • “Thanks Reliance”

    I used the insurance chat box on your site since I was having a few doubts regarding your free roadside assistance service with the vehicle insurance policy. The person explained it clearly and helped me to make a purchase. Thanks Reliance.

    pankaj.b@gmail.com5 June 2017, Surat
  • “Good Work by Reliance!”

    I was in two minds about buying this. The research and comparison of different car policy covers was pointing towards Reliance but I wasn’t sure. Finally I filled the quote form and left it. They called me the same day, explained the motor insurance policy in detail and I made the purchase the same day. Good work!

    janhavi.m@gmail.com5 June 2017, Baroda
  • “Roadside assistance helped me”

    I purchased this car insurance policy online last year. Their roadside assistance helped me with the towing when my tires were punctured. Even my friends got the same policy now.

    vikram.v@gmail.com2 June 2017, Borivali
  • “Good work by your team”

    Good work by your team. Overall a good motor insurance - good coverage, good discount and mainly good support.

    gayatri.i@gmail.com1 June 2017, Santacruz
  • “Good car insurance policy”

    I needed a good car insurance cover for my Renault KWID. This was my first instance of buying a car insurance. After making several comparisons on aggregator websites, I finally purchased car insurance from Reliance General.

    santosh.p@gmail.com19 May 2017, Mumbai
  • “Happy with Reliance General Insurance”

    I was searching for a good insurance company to insure my vehicle (Chevrolet Spark). Reliance General has a very good road side assistance service. I bought the car insurance from them as recommended by my brother and I'm happy with the service.

    aditya.k.k@gmail.com18 May 2017, Bengaluru
  • “Highly recommend Reliance general insurance for a car insurance policy”

    Recently I had a minor accident where the car suffered damage and needed immediate assistance. The free roadside assistance feature helped me and my trouble was sorted within minutes. The claim process was smooth and the call center was responsive and helpful. I highly recommend Reliance general insurance for a car insurance policy.

    satyavan.g.m@gmail.com17 May 2017, Chennai
  • “Reliance General provided good added benefits.”

    Reliance General Insurance offered me a great deal with an affordable premium. They provided good added benefits.

    chitra.b@gmail.com16 May 2017, Kolkata
  • “Very Happy with Reliance General Insurance”

    Just a few months ago, my brother bought a second hand Honda City and he was looking for a car insurance. After discussing a lot with family & friends and comparing the prices offered by all the major companies, he finally bought the car insurance from Reliance general. Very happy with our experience.

    atul.n@gmail.com15 May 2017, Pune
  • “Reliance general insurance gave me a great offer”

    Reliance general insurance gave me a great offer and provided assistance in my full journey. I got my car insurance in minutes and I am really happy with their services.

    snehal.d.b@gmail.com12 May 2017, Hyderabad
  • “Really happy to have Reliance Car Insurance”

    Last year I bought my first car - a second hand i20 and was confused with the car insurance cover for the same. After talking to family, friends and surfing online, I decided to get my car insured by Reliance general. Really happy with my decision.

    mahesh.u@gmail.com11 May 2017, New Delhi
  • “Hassle free Reliance Car Insurance Policy”

    I bought a Marti Suzuki Dzire four months ago and the first thing my father told me to do was to get a good car insurance. I like to research things well before jumping into any decision so I read various blogs and sites and quora too and finally bought a car insurance from Reliance instead of one offered by the dealer.

    pratik.p.d@gmail.com10 May 2017, Ahmedabad
  • “Great experience wit Reliance General Insurance”

    My experience with Reliance was seamless and the quote was extremely competitive. Now after 2 years and 1 claim, i think i made the perfect choice.

    sinu.p.m@gmail.com9 May 2017, Jaipur
  • “Hassle Free Claim Process with Reliance General Insurance”

    My car's windshield recently got damaged and I had to get it replaced urgently. Reliance was very quick to appoint a surveyor and get my car insurance claim processed asap. My second great experience with them!

    deepak.r.g@gmail.com8 May 2017, Chandigarh
  • “Good work. please keep it up”

    The customer care executive was really helpful in giving and answering all my car insurance related questions. Good work from Reliance General Insurance team.

    vxxxdx75@gmail.com11 August 2016, Bengaluru
  • “Anywhere assist app is amazing”

    The anywhere assist app is amazing. Helped arrived within 45 minutes and towed my car to the garage. Good I have taken a car insurance policy. Thank you Reliance

    vxnoxxx5@gmail.com11 August 2016, Chennai
  • “Fast & User-friendly Website”

    Got my car insurance policy in minutes. Amazing experience.

    kenxxxxxx@gmail.com21 June 2016, Mumbai
  • “Kudos to the Reliance General Team”

    I have got car insurance from Reliance General for my Maruti Swift LXI. There are many options one can have in Car insurance plan. Their customer support is good and features provided in the plan are as per actual need of customer. I found it a valuable choice.

    axxxxxxx@gmail.com21 June 2016, Chandigarh
  • “Prompt and effective response.”

    I had issues with my policy generation. I am delighted with the prompt & effective response from Reliance General Insurance Agent. Got car insurance policy instantly.

    rama_kxxx_bx@yahoo.com21 June 2016, Mumbai
  • “Quick and Good Support”

    I wasn't able to increase idv value. Axxxx is the guy who helped me for car insurance renewal. Reliance General has a good staff. He was quick and a great guy. Thanks.

    aakxxxx@gmail.com21 June 2016, Bengaluru
  • “Thank you Reliance!”

    Took Reliance Anywhere Assistance Service. Thank you Reliance Car Insurance

    muxxxx@gmail.com21 April 2016, Mumbai
  • “The post sales service is impeccable”

    Thanks a lot for helping me in getting the printout of my car insurance policy. The post sales service is impeccable.

    sxxxpxxxx@gmail.com1 April 2016, Kolkata
  • “Solved all my queries related to Car insurance”

    ElisXX from Reliance Call center team was of great help. She quickly understood my requirements and solved all my queries related to Car insurance.

    jxxaxaxxtx0x@gmail.com31 March 2016, Bengaluru
  • “Reliance free roadside assistance rocks!”

    Was pleasantly surprised to receive help in a short time when my Car breakdown. Reliance free roadside assistance rocks!

    xhxbxrxtx0x3@gmail.com31 March 2016, Dhanera
  • “Commendable service and support”

    Loyal customer since years. Reliance General insurance provides commendable service and support. Good I have taken car insurance policy. February 2016, Delhi
  • “Customer support was exceptional”

    Customer support was exceptional. RXhXX and JXtXX quickly closed my query and I was able to renew my car insurance policy. Kudos to them.

    gvxxxxkxxsxxxx@gmail.com24 February 2016, Alwar
  • “Reliance is the only company that offers free roadside assistance facility”

    After a thorough market analysis I realised that Reliance is the only company that offers free roadside assistance facility on Car Insurance. Thanks Reliance! February 2016, Nellore
  • “Thank you for the Prompt response”

    I have purchased car insurance with one of the chat support engineer AXXXet RXXt. I really appreciate his prompt response and patience towards me. Thank you.

    yxxxx@ymail.com1 February 2016, Indore
  • “Impressed with the free Roadside assistance”

    Impressed with the free Roadside assistance feature that I received for my car insurance policy. Thanks Reliance General Insurance.

    pxxxxxx1xx@rediffmail.com1 February 2016, Bengaluru
  • “Thanks to Reliance Roadside assistance”

    Got into a minor car accident and needed Reliance guys to tow my car to a garage. Help arrived on time. Thanks to Reliance Roadside assistance! Glad I got this car insurance policy.

    jxxxfxxxxpxxx0x@gmail.com30 January 2016, Chennai
  • “Customer service was commendable”

    Customer service was commendable. PXXXX attended very well and addressed all my issues. I am satisfied with her answers on car insurance policy.

    uxxxxx.bxxxxxxxx@gmail.com11 January 2016, Mumbai
  • “Good service and very enthusiastic customer support executive”

    Good service and very enthusiastic customer support executive. Found what I was looking for! Helped me renew my car insurance online.

    uxxx.mxxxxx@gmail.com8 January 2016, New Delhi
  • “Got an amazing discount because of my anti-theft device.”

    On my car insurance policy, got an amazing discount because of my anti-theft device. Thanks a lot Reliance General Insurance

    xaxxxxxxxx@rediffmail.com7 January 2016, Ernakulam
  • “Anywhere assist app is amazing”

    The anywhere assist app is amazing. Helped arrived within 45 minutes and towed my car to the garage. Good I have taken a car insurance policy. Thank you Reliance

    vxnoxxx5@gmail.com19 December 2015, Chennai
  • “Good work. please keep it up”

    The customer care executive was really helpful in giving and answering all my car insurance related questions. Good work from Reliance General Insurance team.

    vxxxdx75@gmail.com18 December 2015, Bengaluru
  • “Extremely user friendly website”

    Website is very easy to understand and extremely quick. Bought car insurance within 25 seconds. Way to go.

    kxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com13 November 2015, Goa
  • “Awesome service provided by you people”

    Car insurance claim process was pretty straightforward & quick. Great job done from Reliance General Insurance team. Keep it up

    sxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com2 November 2015, Pune
  • “Very Happy with the road side assistance service”

    Very Happy with the road side assistance service on car insurance. Frankly, I never expected such professional approach. Thank you reliance team. For the first time I availed this service. Keep up the good job. I have recommended Reliance General Insurance to more than 5 colleagues already just for this feature.

    nxxxxxx@dxxxxxxx.com31 October 2015, Mumbai
  • “Quick & Perfect Support”

    I would like to recognize Hxxxx, Emp ID:xxxxx, for her quick and perfect support today. She was incredibly quick and provided perfect answers to all my car insurance queries. I was able to renew my policy. Thanks team for your support.

    sixxxxh.sxxp@hotmail.com28 October 2015, Hyderabad
  • “Quick and Good Support”

    I wasn't able to increase idv value. Axxxx is the guy who helped me for car insurance renewal. Reliance General has a good staff. He was quick and a great guy. Thanx

    aakxxxx@gmail.com17 October 2015, Bengaluru
  • “Prompt and effective response.”

    I had issues with my policy generation. I am delighted with the prompt & effective response from Reliance General Insurance Agent. Got car insurance policy instantly.

    rama_kxxx_bx@yahoo.com15 October 2015, Mumbai
  • “Kudos to the Reliance General Team”

    One should get one’s car insured as it saves one from all types of financial loss caused by theft, damage or accident. An insurance policy in addition, ensures safety of pedestrians, someone else’s property and co-passengers. I have got car insurance from Reliance General for my Maruti Swift LXI. There are many options one can have in Car insurance plan. Their customer support is good and features provided in the plan are as per actual need of customer. I found it a valuable choice.

    axxxxxxx@gmail.com14 October 2015, Chandigarh
  • “Proud”

    I can proudly say that I am a happy customer and fully satisfied with services received from Reliance General Insurance for my claim.

    mxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com8 October 2015, Gurgaon
  • “After sales service was awesome”

    I had a post policy purchase query and I used the chat feature which was convenient and hassle free. The feeling I got at the end of the chat was that the team was happy to serve their customers.

    uxxxx@hotmail.com29 September 2015, Ujjain
  • “Team work”

    Team Reliance helped me complete the purchase without me having any second thoughts. Policy points were mentioned clear & crisp.

    rxxxxxx@hotmail.com29 September 2015, Pune
  • “I love being a part of Reliance General Insurance”

    Hi… I recently took a policy from Reliance General Insurance and was happy I got my policy document in no time and the policy kit was very nice.

    axxxx@yahoo.com22 September 2015, Jaipur
  • “Happy customer all the time”

    I lately bought 2 insurance policies from Reliance General Insurance and I must admit I had an excellent journey all through. Very proud and happy of the experience

    txxxxx@yahoo.com22 September 2015, Tuljapur
  • “Anywhere Assist”

    I recently happen to use the anywhere assist feature and was very happy with the service provided.5 stars for you all.

    sxxxxxx@rediffmail.com15 September 2015, Nainital
  • “Prompt Response”

    Thank you team for prompt response. September 2015, Madurai
  • “I like your products.”

    I like your products.

    vxxxxxx@gmail.com4 September 2015, Mohali
  • “Clap for Reliance General Insurance”

    Exhausted, out of options and stranded in the middle of nowhere with a stalled car when I decided to call Reliance General Insurance Company. Little did I know that this was going to be the game changer.You heard, understood and assured to get me out of the mess and you all did an outstanding job.I don’t remember names of people I spoke to, but want to thank each one of you for splendid after sale support provided for compliant number xxxxxxxx.You earned my loyalty for as long as am I on this planet.

    axxxxxxxx@gmail.com28 August 2015, Mumbai
  • “User friendly site”

    Very user friendly website for motor policy renewal. Great..Happy to be associated with Reliance General Insurance.

    sxxxxxx@rediffmail.com24 August 2015, Kannur
  • “Nice”

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