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Reliance Marine Cargo Insurance Policy Features

Reliance General Insurance

Reliance Marine Cargo Insurance Policy Features

Business is no longer constrained by borders and goods are shipped around the world. It's very crucial to protect these goods from various possible mishaps. Reliance Marine Insurance Policy is one of the best cargo insurance covers, which will help you protect your valuable cargo literally anywhere in the world. Our insurance policy will provide full cover against damage or loss to cargo sent by sea, road, rail or air.

​Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive all-risks coverage
  • Flexible coverage options available
  • Worldwide claims survey and settlement assistance
  • Extensions for riots and strikes, perils etc.
  • Customized covers suitable for your needs
  • Attractive discounts​

​Reliance Marine Cargo Insurance Policy Coverage

  • Reliance Marine Insurance offers three types of policies -

    Specific Policy

    • Provides cover against specified perils under marine cargo sent/received during the policy period
  • Open Policy

    • - Designed for firms and establishments with huge volumes of trade and transactions
    • - Assures automatic and continuous insurance protection
    • - Extends cover for all shipments sent/received during the policy period

    Open Cover

    • - Similar to Open Policy
    • - Covers loss or damage to cargo where specific stamped certificate is issued for declaration made

    Covers loss or damage to cargo in relation to and in connection with its carriage by:

    • - Land (whether by motor vehicle or by railway),
    • - Waterways (by ship, which includes every description of vessel used in navigation);
    • - Air (by aircraft used for the transport of cargo, among others); and government or private postal services

  • Provides cover against loss or damage to cargo during transit from one place to another\
  • Coverage provided under Marine Cargo policies range from a restricted form of cover, e.g., fire and lightning perils only, to the widest available form of cover, namely, all risks, at the option of the insured.

​Special Features:

  • Worldwide claims survey and settlement assistance
  • Network of surveyors all over the country
  • Customized and innovative covers based on your needs
  • Extensions for multi-transit, incidental storage, FOB, riot and strikes perils etc.
  • Discounts for voluntary higher excess, lesser distance, etc

​Reliance Marine Cargo Insurance Exclusions

The policy does not cover loss or damage to cargo insured due to:

  • Willful misconduct of the insured
  • Insufficiency or unsuitability of packing or preparation of the cargo insured
  • Ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume, ordinary wear and tear, and inherent flaws in the cargo insured
  • Delay
  • Insolvency and financial distress of the carriers
  • Un-seaworthiness of the vessel