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Cattle Insurance

​​Cattle are an important part of Indian economy. Marginal, small and medium farmers earn considerable portion of their income from cattle rearing. Cattle prices are high and its loss can lead farmers to vicious debt cycle. To help farmers mitigate their livelihood risk, Reliance General Insurance provides comprehensive coverage to farmers against the cattle loss.


The Policy covers all Indigenous, Cross bred and Exotic animals. Animal include milch cows, buffaloes, calves/heifers, stud bulls, bullocks and mithuns. The Policy provides for payment of compensation for death of animal(s) due to:

  • Accident (including fire, lightning, flood, inundation, cyclone, tornado, storm, tempest, hurricane, earthquake, famine, riot, strike and civil commotion)
  • Surgical operations
  • Diseases contracted or occurring during the period of this Policy

Age group of Animal to be covered:.

  • ​Milch cows 2 years or age at first calving to 9 years
  • Milch buffaloes 3 years or age at first calving to 9 years
  • Stud bulls 3 years or earlier age at sexual maturity to 8 years
  • Bullock/He buffaloes 3 years to 9 years
  • Calves/Heifers 4 months up to date of 1st calving 

Scheme and non-Scheme Animals:

The policy covers both Scheme and non-Scheme animals. Scheme animals refer to all types of cattle subsidized by various projects/ scheme of Government like National Livestock Development Board (NLDB), State Livestock Development Board (SLDB) etc.  Non-scheme animals refer to all types of cattle owned by / belonging to individual or corporate, dairy farms, cooperative/ corporate dairy funded by various financial institutions etc.

Sum Insured: It would be lower of the below given two situations:-

1. Purchase value/ Market value

2. Valuation by Veterinary doctor (Based on the milking capacity, No. of lactations)


  • Malicious damage, willful injury or neglect, overloading, unskillful treatment
  • Accident occurring and/or disease contracted prior to commencement of risk
  • Injury or death due to transportation by any mode
  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy
  • Theft of the insured animal

Documents Required:

  • Proposal Form
  • Medical Certificate from Veterinary doctor
  • Minimum 4 Photographs of the insured animals of post card size or soft copy, to be provided by the proposer where applied tag can be clearly identified.
  • DD/Cheque along with above given documents

Claims settlement:

Immediate intimation should be given to the Company on its 24x7 toll free customer care number, also customer needs to approach to the authorized veterinary doctor and the authorized person of the Company to certify death of the Insured animal. Along with the claim form list of documents needs to be submitted by the proposer/insured.

Note- For exhaustive list of exclusions, claim procedure, documents to be provided along with claim and other details, please refer policy wordings.