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Car Insurance in Indian Cities


Car Insurance in Indian Cities

​​​​​Introduction to car insurance

Accidents can happen anytime and to anyone who travels. If you get into an accident with your car, you might be forced to shell out astronomical repair costs. If you want to be financially protected from a car accident, purchase the right car insurance policy. Depending on the type of insurance policy you chose, you can also indemnify yourself (financially) against liabilities towards other passengers, pedestrians, and their property.

Car insurance is a crucial thing that can ensure you are not penalized if your vehicle is lost or damaged. Moreover, third-party car insurance is now a legal requirement in India thanks to a 2017 amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act. At the same time, car insurance also provides financial protection if your car is stolen, vandalized or even destroyed by fire.

There are two main types of car insurance. One, third party car insurance, which is now compulsory. The second type of car insurance is comprehensive car insurance. Paying compensation for damages or injuries caused to third parties, without getting compensated for your own losses is somewhat pointless.
But if you purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy, you will be financially protected against such risks. In addition, a comprehensive car insurance policy also protects third parties like the driver and passengers in other vehicles, pedestrians, and their property. If you think you want more protection, you can also purchase additional covers like nil depreciation, engine cover, key protect cover and consumables. We are pleased to say, Reliance General Insurance is offering a comprehensive car insurance policy online.