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Why Travel Insurance is so Important

​​There was a time when travelling to a foreign country was not very common. Today, overseas travelling has become quite frequent; whether it is for a holiday, studies or for work. One must not just pay attention towards the fun side of a trip but also keep provisions in case of any unexpected problems. For instance, if a family member falls ill, the entire trip may go for a toss. You must also remember the medical costs incurred for treating an illness in a foreign country are really high. Why take chances when you can easily protect yourself? Buy travel insurance online and enjoy a safe trip. ​

You may have heard cases of lost baggage or lost passport, robbery or calamities in a foreign country. It is a very difficult task to get things sorted when you are stuck in such situations. If your money is robbed in a foreign country, it could easily spoil your entire trip thereafter as you may not have excessive currency. You can take any recent natural calamity or incident in a foreign country as an example. Travel insurance is a one stop solution that provides medical, financial and other assistance in times of crisis.  

If you travelling to countries like USA, UK, France, Germany​, buying travel insurance is mandatory as it is a rule to carry one in these countries. Even if you are not visiting any of these countries, buying travel insurance is a wise decision to stay safe and make your trip memorable.

Most insurance companies offer a wide range of policies for individuals, family members, senior citizens, students travelling abroad for further studies and multi trip policies for frequent business travellers. Besides selecting the policy carefully, you must also have a closer look at what the policy is offering and choose one according to your exact need. The common things covered under a travel insurance policy are medical expenses caused by an accident on the trip. This also includes emergency transfer to the hospital from your current accommodation. Even if there is a case of death or permanent disability, the insurance company reimburses a pre-specified amount. The costs related to a delay in flight like temporary accommodation are also covered. Lastly, if you lose your baggage or personal documents, the travel policy also covers you for these events.
Some of the benefits:
Medical expenses
If you fall ill on the journey or suffer from a disease or meet with an accident, the insurance policy pays for your health care accommodation, doctor fees and ambulance facility. 

Trip cancellation
If the injury or disease does not allow you to continue your trip, the insurance company pays for your return journey under certain circumstances. 

Loss of baggage/documents 
The travel policy also provides cover to your baggage and other belongings. The insurance company will pay you the re-issuing cost of a particular document if you lose it. 

If the flight gets delayed
If your flight gets delayed, the insurance policy pays you to buy anything essential you need.