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Travel Insurance is a short-term insurance which provides financial protection against the risk of travel-specific emergencies and concerns such as flight cancelation, medical expenses, loss or theft of luggage/passport, accidents etc.

Travel Insurance is extremely important in case you want to reduce the risk being stranded in an unknown city.

The following are a few scenarios where it is imperative to buy a Travel Insurance policy​:

When you are traveling to place where there is a high probability of you falling sick and/or the medical costs are exorbitant.
When you are travelling with extravagant baggage or extremely important or sensitive documents.
When you are traveling to a place which is high on risk. e.g. political animosity, terror attacks etc.

Apart from these situations, there is high probability of a person missing out on his connecting flight, getting robbed or falling sick. In such scenarios, a Travel Insurance is extremely essential considering its minimal cost and wide coverage.