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International Travel Insurance Coverage and Exclusions

​​Travelling to a new place is usually for the sake of spending wonderful vacations or for some important purpose. An emergency travel is not preplanned but, decided based on the crisis or situation. In any case Travel insurance​ is said to be must for all travelers. In recent times there are hardly any travel agencies assuring complete safety during travel and fortune never discloses the truth about accidents and bad health. Indirectly it points towards the contingencies during travel. Is there any proper and inexpensive solution to get through such problems without much inconvenience and risks? Yes, there are many appropriate solutions to smoothen the hard situations. Many insurance companies are offering travel insurances of different kinds for people interested to safeguard their situation during their travel. It can defined as an insurance provided by an insurance company for covering medical expenses, lost luggage, trip cancellation, any losses incurred at during travelling and flight accident. 

During emergencies or accidents while travel one has to bear medical expenses from own pocket which is going to be a burden and too painful for the traveler. Medical expenses and procedures differ from country to country and in western countries and far eastern countries, medical expenses are too high compared to Asian countries. People travelling from Asia couldn’t take this burden so fear travelling to European countries. Same is the case if there is an accident during travel or loss of luggage at the time of travel. In order to overlook the various travel risks and tensions, travel agencies and individual travelers are opting for flexible and suitable travel insurance plans. Below are the details given in brief and it explains about sub categories of travel insurances.
Coverage types and common exclusions
The most usual risks like emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains, medical emergencies, return of a minor, trip interruption, trip cancellation, visitor health insurance, overseas funeral expenses, flight missed or cancelled due to change in flight schedule, stolen or lost baggage, disability during travel, delayed baggage, hijacking and travel delay due to bad weather are all included in most of the popular travel insurance packages. Medical expenses are completely covered or to the maximum limit as mentioned in the terms of insurance. Some of the optional coverage is medical issues which are pre-existing like diabetes and asthma. If the travel is meant to high risk countries due to natural disaster or war, then the travel insurance don’t offer all the above benefits. 
Some of the common exclusions are medical conditions detected during medical test or pre-existing health issues. If any injury caused due to the consumption of alcohol or drug then travel insurance doesn’t owe any responsibility to pay the insurance cover.  Travel insurance companies provide twenty four hours helpline service for people to approach during any part of the day. It is helpful for frequent travelers too. People having travel insurance can keep away many tensions and just concentrate on the purpose of travel. Hence it is always suggestible to have good travel insurance for a safe and pleasure journey.