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Why the Traffic Fines got Stricter in the New Motor Vehicle Act 2019?

​The new Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, has increased the fines for driving errors and traffic violations. The step has been in the hope to reduce the number of accidents caused due to road rash and traffic rule violations. The Vehicles Act, 2019 has come to effect from September 1. The commencement of the law has made people serious about their ignorance of traffic rules.

Driving errors now attract higher penalties and imprisonment for up to one month for racing and speeding. On the other hand, offences relating to accidents can lead up to six months and drive without insurance bears a fine of Rs. 2000 and/ or imprisonment for up to three months. Other penalties include hefty penalties for driving without a license, drunken driving, dangerous driving, etc. The new Motor Vehicle Act, 2019, is believed to bring back things in order by making the public understand the value of traffic rules and responsible driving.

As informed by the Central government, the penalties in the new motor act, 2019, will increase by 10 % every year. Also, the latest law has extended the driving license renewal period from one month to one year after the date of expiry. However, if the renewal process gets delayed for more than a year, the driver will have to go through a test of competence. The best part of the law is that it promises to protect the people who help a road accident victim, medically or non-medically a victim of an accident, from any civil or criminal liability. Lastly, the compensation for grievous injury or death due to hit and run has been moved up substantially.

Here's why the implementation of the Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, is essential –

Several reasons cause road accidents, some of them are- drunk driving, over speeding, driving under the influence of drugs, overloading of vehicle, over speeding, poor light condition, driving on the wrong side of the road, driving in adverse weather condition, defect in motor vehicle, defect in road condition, fault of passer-by, etc. The government has taken several efforts to curb the problem of road accidents by implements measures like strengthening automobile safety standards, generating awareness programs, improving the road infrastructure, strengthening enforcement and streamlining trauma care assistance program, etc.

As per the data released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in 2017, 4.64 lakh road accidents occurred which took lives of 1.47 lakh people. Bikes accounted for more than a third of the road accidents. Therefore, to reduce the significant number of deaths caused on roads due to reckless riders and drivers, the government came up with a list of stringent penalties for traffic errors. As all States begin employing the latest act with heftier fines and imprisonment, people may start to follow the rules finally.

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