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Tips to take Care of your Two Wheeler’s Horn and Headlight

Riding a bike gives us the feeling of freedom and triumph. The wind passing through the hair, singing sweet songs in our ears transport us to a different world. If you want your bike to run without hiccups, you will have to take care of it and ensure that every part is working fine. We often check the tyres and their condition, but neglect the condition of the headlights and horn. Here are some tips to ensure their long, trouble-free operation.


A headlight is one of the most important parts of a bike. It allows you to see the path clearly, thereby avoiding any accidents. Even though a headlight is a crucial part, its maintenance is often overlooked, largely because of the minimal care it requires. A headlight, in proper state, offers descent light that goes a long way in assuring safety during night-time riding. You should regularly inspect the headlight's brightness and effectiveness as it can help improve your riding experience at night by a large margin. Apart from headlight there are several other lights in our two wheeler that should be taken care of. Ensure all of them are working in a proper condition. Check the tail lights, indicators, and other lights to make sure everything is working properly.

How to keep the headlight clean?

Simply wiping off the lights with a wet or dry cloth will leave them looking neat and clean. If you are going for a ride after a long period, make sure you wipe off the dust from the headlight, indicators and tail lights and ensure they are working fine. It will take you only a few minutes to clean the lights. Speck-less headlights can help you see better while clean indicators and tail lights largely increase your visibility to fellow bikers.

Is it necessary to check the headlight's lenses?

Yes! It is important to check the headlight's lenses. Check if the lenses are crystal clear, or do they have some fogginess and yellowing? Due to extended usage, the headlight lenses tend to become cloudy, thereby diffusing the beams of your headlight. Dirty headlights make sit extremely difficult to see the roads and ride safely. Apart from headlights, you should also keep the indicators and brake lights working properly.

Checking the Headlight's Focus is Important!

Ensure the headlight's beam is aimed well. If you think that the brightness of the light is deficient, you should replace the bulbs with better and more powerful one. The beam spread on low beam should be as far as possible to ensure that the range of your visibility is increased. One of the most common cause of misaligned headlights is potholes. While getting your bike serviced, ask the mechanic to adjust it for you.


Considering the fact that you face heavy traffic while travelling every day, another most important parts of your bike​ is horn. If your horn is not working properly, it is likely that you will be in trouble while on the road. Before taking your bike out, check whether the horn is sounding properly or not. Find out if the wires connecting the horn are in proper condition. Check the condition of the fuse as a faulty fuse is the most common reasons for defective horns. If your horn is weak then replace it with a better one. Wipe off the dust from the horn as it tend to reduce its life considerably.

Also, don't forget to insure your bike with a two wheeler insurance. A two wheeler insurance covers your bike against unforeseen circumstances.