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Tips To Avoid Mishaps While Riding Two Wheeler

​Two wheelers are one of the most convenient and preferred modes of traveling on Indian roads. However, due to congested roads and high traffic, the two wheeler is more prone to road accidents. Despite the risk associated with bikes, the sale of the two wheeler is increasing and so are accidents. To reduce the death rate due to accidents, the government of India brought changes in the Motor Vehicle Act and has made third party two wheeler insurance​ compulsory for all the riders, under this act. This insurance policy will protect you and your bike in case of damage caused due to accidents, natural calamities, theft, fire, riots, etc. However, you should do certain things that can avoid these mishaps. In the abstract mentioned below, we have come up with the tips that will help you avoid mishaps while riding a two wheeler on Indian roads:

Safeguard Yourself by Wearing Proper Gear

You should wear long pants and shirts that have sleeves. All of this should be made up pf leather or any other thick material, as it protects you in case of an accident. You should also wear gloves, boots that touch your ankles, and eye protection. When it is cold outside, make sure you insert another layer of clothes. 

Make Sure That Rider behind You Can Spot You In Dark

The main cause of accidents in the night-time is visibility. In many cases, motorists are not able to see other rider in dark. To avoid you should wear a bright outfit and add something on both your bike and on your clothes that reflect. Take advantage of headlights when you are riding in the dark. Try to ride in the section of the road that makes you visible to other riders. If there are no streetlights, make sure you honk, so that rider behind you can hear you. 


This is something that you must have heard a thousand time but still many of us don’t wear a helmet while riding. Not wearing a helmet is a punishable offense and can be the difference between life and death. It protects your head from severe injury in case of an accident. Make sure you wear a helmet that is made of strong material and is light in color as it enhances visibility. You should also change the helmet every 5 years, and in case of an accident, you should immediately change it.

You Should Always Be Alert While Riding The Two wheeler

While riding a car, one can relax for a time, even that it is also risky, but while riding a two wheeler, you can’t afford to relax as you need to watch for sudden lane changes, patches of sand, railroad tracks, potholes, and other road hazards. You also need to be alert and look for fellow riders.

Don’t Ride In Bad Weather

As monsoon is approaching, we can see rain falling almost every day. Due to this rain, roads become slippery and can increase the risk of road accidents. You should avoid riding in bad weather, and if it is necessary making sure you pack appropriate rain gear. 

Follow the tips mentioned above and buy two wheeler insurance to stay covered financially in case of any accidents.