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Tips For Travelling To Hotter Countries

There are so many beautiful countries in the world that attracts travellers around the world. However, there is one issue and that is of the weather. Some of the most beautiful countries in the world are warm and hot. Traveling to these hot destinations increases the risk of heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion, especially if you’re used to cold and mild temperatures. If you are planning to go to a country with a high temperature, the tips mentioned below will help you a lot. But before you go through them, make sure you buy a travel insurance policy​ so that you can enjoy your trip to the hot country without any hassles:

Wear Comfortable Clothes

The first thing that you should keep in mind is to dress as lightly as possible. Wear loose, breathable, light coloured clothes such as cotton and linen. These fabrics allow air to circulate against the skin, making you feel cooler. You should also cover the most important part of your body i.e., head with a hat or bandana.

​Sunscreen Is Important

Summers mean brutal sun. So, make sure you apply sunscreen whenever you go outside, especially during the daytime. It is not necessary to only use it when your skin burns, you should use it only as sunscreen protects against the harmful UV rays, and helps prevent sunburn.

Keep Yourself Hydrated​

Everyone knows how important it is to keep yourself hydrated, especially when it is hot outside, and you’re likely to sweat a lot. Make sure you carry a water bottle with yourself every time you go out. Avoid dehydrating beverages such as alcohol, sodas, and caffeine.

Eat Carefully

Avoid oily and greasy food as much as possible, as they reduce the quantity of water in your body. You should eat light, such as salads, and green veggies. You should eat fresh summer fruits that contain lots of water, such as watermelons, peaches, oranges, plums, and grapes, as they help to replenish vital micronutrients.

Go For Sight-Seeing In The Evening Or Morning

Plan your day to visit the surroundings, before the sun is at its hottest, or after sunset in order to avoid hot afternoons. Come back to your accommodation in the afternoon and wait till the heat outside cools down. You can eat lunch or take a nice nap during that time.

Some Health Tips To Remember

The heat can cause lots of health issues, from rashes and mild sunburns to more serious heat stroke and heat extraction. Aloe Vera, ice packs and cold water can help with sunburns. You can also wet your head with cold water or hold your wrists under cold water or an ice pack, which will quickly bring down your core temperature. If you feel dizzy and nauseous, consult the nearest doctor immediately.

Many travellers avoid going to hot countries, especially during the summer. But, if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can make your summer trip more enjoyable. So, pack your bags with essentials and travel insurance and visit hot countries and explore the world.