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How to Maintain Electric Scooters Performance

The reason why Electric scooters are the vehicle of tomorrow is that it saves fuel, runs on electric power, is environmental-friendly, and is highly affordable. With so many features, electric scooters are the future. If you are planning to buy an electric bike or you already own one, you want it to run well, right? This can only happen if you properly take care of your electric bike, as it enhances performance and increases the age of the vehicle. We want you to have the best experience of riding electric bikes. That’s why given below are some of the tips that would help you maintain your electric scooter and increase the range and overall performance of your electric bike. Let’s begin:

Don’t Overload

It is your responsibility to check the payload capacity of your electric scooter, which is normally measured in weight. This payload capacity includes the weight of the riders and other things that you carry along with you on that scooter. This capacity varies from scooter to scooter. So, you should check your electric scooter’s payload capacity and try not to exceed the limit.

​Don’t Pick Up Speed Or Apply Break Unnecessarily

You must have heard this in the past, that applying brake unnecessarily or changing the speed of your vehicle suddenly hurts the performance of your vehicle. You should not change the speed of your electric scooter suddenly. Not only you should not suddenly pick up your electric scooter’s speed to maximum, but you should also avoid frequent and unnecessary braking unless it is highly required as in the case of traffic jams.

​​Don’t Accelerate While Initiating Your Electric Scooter

Many electric scooters come with a key start facility. All you need to do is turn the key and it will start. However, you should not start it at full acceleration. A racing starts quickly drain your electric scooter’s battery. So, make sure you avoid accelerating your scooter while initiating it.

​Buy Two Wheeler Insurance

It is important to buy two wheeler insurance​ as it provides you financial support in case of unfortunate events. Insuring your electric scooter with two wheeler insurance will ensure that your scooter and the person riding it is protected all the time. The two wheeler insurance will provide financial coverage in case of an accident, and damage caused due to theft, fire, riots, natural calamities, and much more.

Check Tire’s Pressure Frequently

You should keep checking your electric scooter’s tire pressure as it essential to make sure that your electric bike is running well. If your electric scooter’s tires are under-inflated, its rolling resistance will increase and will result in a wastage of energy.

​​Turn It Off When Not Using

Whenever you are not using an electric scooter, such as at traffic signals or road crossings, make sure you turn off your bike. This will not only prevent draining of its battery charge but also save energy and enhance its overall performance.

The tips mentioned above will not enhance your electric scooter’s performance but will also give you enjoyable and an uninterrupted ride.