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How to Prepare Mentally and Physically for a Long Distance Drive?

​The freedom of the open road, fresh air, and fantastic views with a dash of craziness is something every driver looks forward to while driving long distances. Road trips are exciting as they give you a host of experiences to cherish. If you are going for a long distance drive, then you must plan out the journey well in advance. When you are not prepared for the trip, you may land perplexed, and a pleasant trip can turn into a tedious one. With this point in mind, you should take specific steps to prepare for long drives before you get behind the wheel and stay attentive and thrilled throughout your trip. Planning a long distance driving? These tips can help you get there safely and comfortably.

1. Reserve your sleep time

Before you begin with the journey, know that it is going to be exhausting. Get at least 7 hours of sleep for two consecutive nights before the trip to increase your energy reserves. All the more, avoid driving between 1 and three at night as your body temperature is low and you naturally feel drowsy.

2. Fuel up

Fuel up your energy and ensure you are feeling fresh and energetic. Carry healthy foods that give you power throughout the long drive. Also, don't eat junk food or oily food as they make you feel lethargic. Dried fruits are the best snacking option while driving.

3. Stay hydrated

For maximum energy, keep your water supply well-stocked. This may lead to increased bathroom trips, but you won't feel tired or nauseous.

4. Plan your stops

It is always a good idea to plan your trip and decide the stopping points. This is one of the essential tips you should keep in mind for long drives. As per experts, you should take breaks after every 2 hours to stretch your hands and legs.

5. Chew gum

Chew gum really? Yes! Chewing gum is a repetitive process, and it increases the circulation of blood in your face and improves alertness.

6. Use good scents

During long-distance driving, keeping a source of peppermint scent nearby is a good idea. When you feel you feeling tired and need a boost, take a sniff. Peppermint is pleasant and is known to reduce fatigue and increase alertness.

7. Sit up straight

Seat in an adequately adjusted position as it promotes maximum blood flow. Slouching can trigger back pain, and it will become difficult for you to drive longer. Hence, stretching frequently is required.

Now that you have so many driving tips, we believe you can have a great long drive without any problems. Remember that road trips are an incredible opportunity to put your attention on the outside world and overlook your problems for a while. After taking everything into account, the most significant thing is to look up, enjoy the view, and experience your trip to the fullest. In addition to safe driving habits, your car insurance policy is the key to protecting you while driving. A car insurance policy offers you several benefits like 24x7 RSA, theft and accident coverage, etc. So don't over think it! Drive for a crazy time.