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Overseas Travel Insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance

Maximum Coverage with Minimal paper work
Wide Choice from plan variants
Speedy claim settlement
Annual Multi Trip Insurance

Annual Multi Trip Insurance

Comprehensive coverage
Comes with one year validity
Speedy claim settlement
Senior Citizens Travel Insurance

Senior Citizens Travel

No medical checkup needed
Comprehensive coverage
Speedy claim settlement
Schengen Plan

Schengen Plan

Coverage & claim settlement in Euro
Coverage of pre-existing ailments
Speedy claim settlement
Asia Plan

Asia Plan

No Medical Checkup
Extensive coverage offered
Cashless Services

About Travel Insurance

Whether you are on vacation or on business trip or giving your child a foreign education, a foreign trip is always exciting. Along with the enthusiasm of travelling abroad comes the need for safety, where you must take care to plan a safe trip. Travel insurance policies add that extra bit of security to your foreign trips. Travel insurance schemes not only safeguard your lives but also protect your belongings. Such plans assure you to enjoy the journey without any fears. Discovering different places and shopping are two of the most common 'things to do' on a trip abroad. But, situations like loss of luggage, passport etc. will leave you helpless and stranded. Flight delays, accidents, theft and other sudden emergencies too are some possible threats that could ruin your trip. A travel insurance policy will ensure to keep you away from such worries. As you plan your abroad trip, we at Reliance General Insurance offer you best travel insurance products to suit all your requirements.

Travel insurance - a companion on foreign land

Traveling, in some or the other is way associated with risk. The farther and the more we travel the risk factor increases. However, such a reason is not meant to stop us from moving out of our comfort zone and seeing the different sight of world around us. To avoid risks we cannot avoid traveling. Thus, we prepare ourselves to face the risks and its consequences. But how? Well, before you start for your foreign trip, get a travel insurance.

Majority of us look at travel insurance as wastage of time and money. However, the fact remains that overseas travel insurance stands as one of the most important factor for you in your trip. Most of the international travel insurance reviews would suggest that travel insurance is an important companion during a foreign tour, because, such a plan not only makes your vacation costs effective but also provides medical and financial assistance while you are on a holiday.

By buying international travel insurance, you will be handing your foreign trip on secure hands. So how can you buy such policies? The answer is simple. With access of internet available at almost every household, today one can buy travel insurance online.

The internet medium offers wide range of choices in international travel insurance. In order to be sure of the choice you make, you can take help of online quotes available at the websites of different insurance companies. Based on your requirement and some of your details, these websites provide you with quotes for travel insurance premium right in your mailbox. Availability of online quotes helps you make the best decision as it gives you a comparative study. Which in turn gives you a clear picture of what benefits you will be entitled to for what price. Creating such quotes does not cost you anything but some of your precious time. Thereby, do you research before you pick your international travel insurance online.
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Travel Insurance Reviews & Rating

Here's what our customers have to say about their experience of buying online travel insurance with us.

4.5 out of 5
based on 4859 ratings.
1027 user reviews
I need hard copy as soon as possible for my Travel Insurance Policy
mohd*****, 14 Mar 2014
The message about typing all the information while something was still typed !!!
mail*****, 12 Mar 2014
good to have my overseas policy
saur****, 11 Mar 2014
good site
drra****, 10 Mar 2014
Everything was fine.
rame****, 10 Mar 2014
Good to buy travel insurance policy online
jinu****, 07 Mar 2014
"Unable to view the policy "
deep****, 06 Mar 2014
phil****, 05 Mar 2014
raju****, 05 Mar 2014
Good Experience
kuna****, 27 Feb 2014
like the site
mand****, 27 Feb 2014
sanj****, 24 Feb 2014
rahu****, 23 Feb 2014
customer support was helpful
vija****, 23 Feb 2014
than****, 21 Feb 2014
Yes, not being able to use International debit/credit card of Foreign Bank
kaez****, 21 Feb 2014
Contact number given is not in existence - Could not contact
meht****, 21 Feb 2014
PIN code entry is confusing
sgar****, 13 Feb 2014
srin****, 12 Feb 2014
like it
ggya****, 12 Feb 2014
like the site but a lot of scope to improve it
Hhha****, 09 Feb 2014
multiple person ( non relatives) cannot be booked at the same time
swat****, 07 Feb 2014
carv****, 07 Feb 2014
all right online chat was helpful
jaff****, 07 Feb 2014
bhat****, 06 Feb 2014
The whole mechanism needs to be compatible with all browsers. Specifically Chrome/Firefox.
agni****, 04 Feb 2014
ya. once i click confirm to proceed payment same page was appeared.
agsp****, 04 Feb 2014
Ok Site, can improve
adim****, 03 Feb 2014
like it
sanj****, 03 Feb 2014
saro****, 30 Jan 2014
good one keep improving
suba****, 24 Jan 2014
all fine no issues faced
phil****, 23 Jan 2014
Yes its very slow
deep****, 22 Jan 2014
Not getting instant policy copies
unny****, 12 Jan 2014
very good
drfa****, 12 Jan 2014
please dont make any call from your any time while i am busy at work.
sude****, 12 Jan 2014
sjja****, 10 Jan 2014
downloading is not happening
sall****, 06 Jan 2014
ritw****, 06 Jan 2014
pkch****, 04 Jan 2014
like the site and information shared on the site
ANIL****@YAHOO.COM, 03 Jan 2014
The pincode and the city not validating properly
mail****, 02 Jan 2014
very good
vcgu****, 02 Jan 2014
Great to have a travel Insurance policy online at the last minute
suba*****, 24 Jan 2014
Good site
phil*****, 23 Jan 2014
Yes its very slow
deep****, 22 Jan 2014
liked the buying process of international travel policy
vrus****, 21 Jan 2014
dipu****, 20 Jan 2014
all ok no issues :)
amit****, 20 Jan 2014
Credit card payment Visa failed Twice
balu****, 20 Jan 2014
good site
sail****, 19 Jan 2014
customer support was helpful
sk.m****, 18 Jan 2014
not working in google chrome
ggya****, 17 Jan 2014
travel insurance policy was issued instantly
chet****, 16 Jan 2014
ramk****, 15 Jan 2014
like the site
chan****, 14 Jan 2014
Credit card did not work
upad****, 13 Jan 2014
arya****, 12 Jan 2014
good site
gujr****, 11 Jan 2014
the address where they ask for mumbai pin code
rodr****, 10 Jan 2014
Fast travel insurance online
mura****, 10 Jan 2014
Good site
harv****, 10 Jan 2014
online chat was helpful
meen****, 09 Jan 2014
good site
deve****, 06 Jan 2014
After buying, there was no confirmation email. Also, I would be needing a hardcopy as soon as possible, within 10 working days is too late. I hope I get it soon both hard and soft copy.
pchi****, 05 Jan 2014
yes not able to veiw the policy
mayu****, 04 Jan 2014
i2k2*****, 27 Dec 2013
got stuck while filling the form. Please work on your speed.
gokh*****, 27 Dec 2013
like the site
glas*****, 26 Dec 2013
vkat*****, 25 Dec 2013
the website is user friendly, but the speed is not good
rahu*****, 24 Dec 2013
happy with your online services
rave*****, 24 Dec 2013
Very nice
sunn*****, 23 Dec 2013
giri*****, 21 Dec 2013
was quick enough to get a travel policy
anuj*****, 21 Dec 2013
like it
kska*****, 21 Dec 2013
thanks to your team for making the process of buying travel insurance so easy
hire*****, 20 Dec 2013
No clarity on District/PIN codes; Country Data for worldwide annual multi trip should not be required; Countries travelling to - Data lost when some missed out entries were input later and had to be retyped.
suni*****, 20 Dec 2013
Ok Site
sath*****, 19 Dec 2013
all pin codes are not available in 'Bangalore' drop down menu under address
soni*****, 16 Dec 2013
very slow website
amit*****, 16 Dec 2013
very good site. Like it .
gaur*****, 16 Dec 2013
Good site
sure*****, 16 Dec 2013
Customer support executives were very helpful
kanc*****, 15 Dec 2013
got the online travel insurance policy quickly
RAM.*****, 11 Dec 2013
pran*****, 06 Dec 2013
sand*****, 01 Dec 2013
Ok but the performance can be improved*****, 30 Nov 2013
all fine, thanks for the travel policy
them*****, 29 Nov 2013
good site no issues faced
nila*****, 28 Nov 2013
avij*****, 25 Nov 2013
Got my travel insurance policy on the way to airport
soma*****, 25 Nov 2013
like the site
dube****, 23 Nov 2013
kart***, 21 Nov 2013
AJIT*****@GMAIL.COM, 19 Nov 2013
Ok but can be improved
nand****, 16 Nov 2013
Very nice
paul*****, 14 Nov 2013
prem*****, 13 Nov 2013
was quick enough to get a travel policy
krui*****, 12 Nov 2013
like it
suni****, 11 Nov 2013
too many emails - like having a chat :)
tpra***, 06 Nov 2013
No clarity on District/PIN codes; Country Data for worldwide annual multi trip should not be required; Countries travelling to - Data lost when some missed out entries were input later and had to be retyped.
pate*****, 04 Nov 2013
Ok Site
pate*****, 04 Nov 2013
all pin codes are not available in 'Bangalore' drop down menu under address
kuma****, 02 Nov 2013
works slow
p_ha*****, 30 Oct 2013
very good site. Like it .
vivs*****, 27 Oct 2013
just mention how to write telephone no., i.e. demonstrate correct method like 91 xxxx-xxxxxx etc and include middle name spcae as to write name as shown in pasport.
mani*****, 20 Oct 2013
good site
sont*****, 16 Oct 2013
Its quite good..
nave****, 15 Oct 2013
no issues all fine
meet***, 08 Oct 2013
like the site
vikr*****, 07 Oct 2013
it gets strucked in the middle and the entire details have to be refilled
mall****, 07 Oct 2013
good site
seja*****, 07 Oct 2013
like it
vaid*****, 06 Oct 2013
Some times the site works and sometimes it doesent
mite****, 04 Oct 2013
Online chat was helpful
deep***, 03 Oct 2013
phan****, 03 Oct 2013
the site is asking for valid std code even though i have given my no as 04346 263070
drka*****, 20 Sep 2013
john*****, 17 Sep 2013
Payment page has some errors
csba****, 17 Sep 2013
all things fine
rdas***, 14 Sep 2013
error messages without any highlight at the spot of error; State filed gave a drop down as "Methofd error 500". Wed site needs refinement
sv.v*****, 12 Sep 2013
transaction got success but no policy details shown.
rave****, 12 Sep 2013
like the pages and information
chak*****, 12 Sep 2013
sree*****, 11 Sep 2013
b411****, 11 Sep 2013
gkau***, 07 Sep 2013
fine site with complete information about the product
prak*****, 06 Sep 2013
The Policy buyer and traveler can be different. There was no provision for that. also there was no use of the quote number. Hence, had to quote 3 times before i bought the Policy
asgo****, 03 Sep 2013
very satisfied
sanj*****, 03 Sep 2013
Nice to get travel policy online
deep****, 31 Aug 2013
buying travel insurance on the go
guru*****, 31 Aug 2013
nkm1*****, 22 Aug 2013
SRIC****@GMAIL.COM, 19 Aug 2013
Recalcuating premium from the earlier quote sent on mail came out to be 0.
anke***, 15 Aug 2013
liked it
sneh*****, 12 Aug 2013
Unable to downloadsoft copy of travel policy
deep*****, 06 Aug 2013
billdesk payment gateway was down last night which irritated the most. Moreover, could not make payment from international Visa Credit card even when the site was up just now. Another irritating factor, when I am trying to pay for my in-law's insurance while I am abroad.
ramk*****, 05 Aug 2013
good site to buy policy online
bird*****, 04 Aug 2013
billdesk payment gateway was down last night which irritated the most. Moreover, could good..t make payment from international Visa Credit card even when the site was up just good..w. Agood..ther irritating factor, when I am trying to pay for my in-law's insurance while I am abroad.
ramk**** , 05 Aug 2013
bird*** , 04 Aug 2013
ng.s***** , 02 Aug 2013
nare**** , 30 Jul 2013
ashu***** , 23 Jul 2013
Too much time loading
prag**** , 22 Jul 2013
like it
dine**** , 20 Jul 2013
Just a technical glitch
drsh**** , 16 Jul 2013
Not being able to use Google chrome to buy the policy
smgar******, 14 July 2013
got my travel policy. Thanks
prave******, 12 July 2013
travel insurance for my holidays
santh******, 12 July 2013
little but it didnt show the details of the policy... meaning what does it cover and howmuch for each
giris******, 6 July 2013
good site
joerz******, 3 July 2013
iyera******, 2 July 2013
ideal******, 2 July 2013
gaura******, 2 July 2013
diall******, 1 July 2013
tutej****** ,30 June 2013
before payment site is very fast and then after payment while downloading the copy very late...........
raki6***** ,28 June 2013
mural******* ,27 June 2013
Customer support was helpful
shank**** ,27 June 2013
Once the site hanged up hence I had to fill in details again.
akash******** ,26 June 2013
good experience
rishi****** ,25 June 2013
try to improve UI
goyal***** ,24 June 2013
kulka****** ,21 June 2013
mugun******* ,19 June 2013
ami*******, 17 June 2013
got my travel policy within minutes
arun*****, 16 June 2013
great improvement in site speed
murthy.ra********, 15 June 2013
got it for my parents. Good
p.melbou******, 14 June 2013
like the simplicity of the form
jeanahi****, 13 June 2013
am*******, 11 June 2013
gulshan*****, 10 June 2013
aaanandpr*******, 9 June 2013
ynsud*****, 8 June 2013
good support from online web support
DEEPI.T********@GMAIL.COM, 7 June 2013
will surely look to buy travel insurance from you people next time.
neh******, 7 June 2013
Schengen insurance was helpful for my Europe trip
intl.s****, 6 June 2013
my corporate trips are always from you people
lakh*******, 4 June 2013
good site
pawankumar*****, 1 June 2013
fast one
manish_*****, 1 June 2013
liked it.good…..
hham*****, 1 June 2013
nothing it was smooth
crea***********, 31 May 2013
thanks good
kris********, 31 May 2013
Nothing at all. Great experience. Very smooth.
chin*****, 30 May 2013
kjag****, 30 May 2013
Nothing at all - very impressed with the chat support and getting the insurance online. Lady called Anita - excellent
char********, 29 May 2013
plz deliver the policy fast
khob******, 29 May 2013
nothing at all
cbpl****, 28 May 2013
kdha***********, 28 May 2013
bprr********, 27 May 2013
good but can be improved
katy*****, 27 May 2013
Nothing as such
bmtm****, 26 May 2013
sometimes problem with policy donwload others fine
kanw********, 26 May 2013
Nothing as such
bhuy******, 25 May 2013
got online fast
kalh****, 25 May 2013
nothing - its good
bhas***********, 24 May 2013
got the policy to fly
jyot********, 24 May 2013
None. It was quite smooth!
bens*****, 23 May 2013
user interface can be improved
john****, 23 May 2013
No problem. Got good support from chat online.
bala********, 22 May 2013
jdso******, 22 May 2013
No print out of policy ??
avin****, 21 May 2013
jana***********, 21 May 2013
no not at all, wonderful and easy
atis********, 20 May 2013
good experience
jain*****, 20 May 2013
No error messages. Address field incorrect
ASHW****@GMAIL.COM, 19 May 2013
You should write home other than provide the home icon
itsm********, 19 May 2013
No email of polict
ashi******, 18 May 2013
wesbite feel and speed
imra****, 18 May 2013
No easily available FAQ section.
arun***********, 17 May 2013
hire********, 17 May 2013
no all was good
arij*****, 16 May 2013
Option to select country doesnt worked on Mozilla, hence was forced to login via IE.
hars****, 16 May 2013
My online chat session experience was below satisfactory.Could have been better....
anup********, 15 May 2013
only few area of delhi is indicated
hard******, 15 May 2013
anoo****, 14 May 2013
On clicking post selection of all options the site does not go ahead & need to keep clicking.
gund***********, 14 May 2013
Loss of password
anja********, 13 May 2013
gout*****, 13 May 2013
Landline number field doesn't allow shorter numbers as in case of rural places with 5-6 digit phone numbers
anil****, 12 May 2013
gnag********, 12 May 2013
amzy******, 11 May 2013
gaut****, 11 May 2013
Just this survey.
amit***********, 10 May 2013
gane********, 10 May 2013
its allright
amit*****, 9 May 2013
frie****, 9 May 2013
It was GR8 experience
amaz********, 8 May 2013
nothing. it delighted me by including house burglery.
erpa******, 8 May 2013
it doesnt say how long it will take for the hard copy of my policy to reach me
alie****, 7 May 2013
dsra***********, 7 May 2013
initially the page progression was very slow
aks6********, 6 May 2013
Nothing! it was very very simple...Nice web site...appreciate the efforts behind it
drpr*****, 6 May 2013
i think a sumary of policy should reflect just before teh make payment page
ajit****, 5 May 2013
Nothing, good experience.
dkag********, 5 May 2013
good experience
afgv******, 4 May 2013
nothing, all required.
diku****, 4 May 2013
abul***********, 3 May 2013
Nothing specific
dgjo********, 3 May 2013
abhi*****, 2 May 2013
nothing particular
deej****, 2 May 2013
good********, 1 May 2013
Nothing much
DALI******@INDIATIMES.COM, 1 May 2013
is this survey compulsory ?
msri******, 12 April 2013
try to load policy page faster take some time
mohd***********, 11 April 2013
smooth exp....
mitt*****, 10 April 2013
fast one
melv********, 9 April 2013
quick enough....
maxy****, 8 April 2013
thanks for the policy
mano********, 7 April 2013
travel insurance finally I got it
mani****, 6 April 2013
good but site navigation can be improved
makp******, 5 April 2013
nothing to say a good website
mahe***********, 4 April 2013
Madh*****, 3 April 2013
lath********, 2 April 2013
very good
kulw****, 1 April 2013
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