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Travel Insurance for Seychelles


Travel Insurance for Seychelles

​​White sandy beaches, turquoise blue water, lush green mountain forest trails- that is Seychelles in a nutshell for you. Seychelles consists of a group of 115 islands in the Indian ocean. Seychelles has long been a honeymoon destination among India's elites, who are attracted by its idyllic beaches, impressive hospitality, and low population density. The islands are located about 3794 km from India and can be reached in under 5 hours by flight. 

There are direct flights to Mahe, the capital of Seychelles from Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and Indian tourists are eligible for a 30-day visa on arrival. The country boasts of some of the best beaches in the world, including Anse D'Argent, located on La Digue island, which is famous for its pink sand.

​Seychelles is home to two world heritage sites – Aldabra atoll and Vallée de Mai. You can visit the former after taking prior permission, while no such permission is required to visit the latter. Vallée de Mai is so beautiful, some people say the Garden of Eden was located here. On Vallée de Mai, you will find the Coco de Mer tree. The Coco de Mer tree produces the largest seeds in the world, each weighing over 20 kg! The island is also home to the rare black parrot. Only 200 black parrots are left in the wild and all of them are found on this small island.

No trip to Seychelles is complete without a trip to one of the island's world-famous dive spots. The waters around Seychelles contain a diverse marine life. Most of the dive spots are studded with corals. Thanks to the corals and the marine life, a diver will think he or she is in an underwater rainforest. Some well-known dive spots in Seychelles are Cove Reef, Brissare Rocks, Trompeuse Rocks, and Shark Bank.