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Overseas Travel Plan Comparison

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In order to get the best international travel insurance plan, it is helpful to compare travel insurance plans online, which will help you determine the best one. Above table will assist you in this regard.

How to Compare Travel Insurance and buy the Best Overseas Travel Insurance Wisely

Many of us fall into the trap of considering travel insurance as just another formality before travelling. However, it is unwise to do or think so. This might cause you to land in a situation wherein the travel insurance cover falls short leading to distress, both financially and mentally. Thus, make sure you consider a number of factors while you compare travel insurance plans before signing on the dotted line. Don’t forget that travel insurance comparison will make you understand the policy more clear.
  • Destination: The risks you are exposed to vary depending on the country/location you are visiting. Thus, it is important to choose the right amount/type of coverage accordingly. For instance, a travel insurance cover for a trip to Japan, which is prone to earthquakes, is going to cost you more as compared to say, Singapore.
  • Medical cover: As a general rule of the thumb, medical coverage is the most integral aspect of any travel insurance policy.  Typically, the cost of medical expenses is pretty high in western nations such as the US and Canada. Hence, it is advisable that you choose an appropriate sum insured amount considering the country you are travelling to. 
  • Baggage and personal items cover: Typically, a travel insurance policy covers loss of checked-in baggage at the airport. Make sure you check the policy wordings for the details as well as the exclusions. It also covers personal items up to pre-defined limits depending on the travel insurance company and the selected plan. Additionally, the policy covers loss of passport, which translates into assistance for issuing a duplicate/new passport.
  • Sports and Adventure activities: Due to high risk perception, adventure sports and related activities are not generally covered in a travel insurance policy. That said, if it is imperative, with an add-on request you can avail such coverage, which would entail a rise in your travel insurance premium. 
  • Flight cancellation cover: With this cover, you will get the cost of flight tickets refunded upon flight cancellation due to reasons such as bad weather. For a better understanding of the inclusions and exclusions, go through the travel insurance policy thoroughly. 
  • Benefits: The number and the degree of benefits offered by an overseas travel insurance policy​ vary across different policies. Thus make sure to compare travel insurance policies to avail the best travel insurance plan offered, which covers all your requirements. 
  • Pre-existing diseases: If you are having a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes and asthma, it is crucial to make sure you are covered against them. This will secure you from the financial implications if your condition aggravates during the trip and are admitted to a hospital. However, make sure to check the policy wording for exclusions to pre-existing diseases.
  • Home Cover: With this cover, you would be covered against burglary and theft of house contents while you are away on the trip. This essentially acts as a pseudo home insurance​ for the duration of the trip.
With the above pointers in place, you will be in better position to choose the best travel insurance plan for your next overseas trip. The basic idea is to ensure that you compare travel insurance plans and policies prudently, taking your overseas travel needs and priorities into consideration.