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Travel Insurance for Sri Lanka


Travel Insurance for Sri Lanka

A mesmerising island nation, Sri Lanka is located towards the south of India in the Indian Ocean. The island covers an area of 65,610 sq kms. Sri Lanka is blessed with an array of landscape ranging from highlands, arid plains, pristine sandy beaches to lush green tropical forests. You will be stunned by the herds of giant elephants moving freely in the woods of Sri Lanka. The cherry on the top is Sri Lanka's perpetually enthusiastic people, vibrant food and delicacies and poignant backdrops that make this nation a vibrant paradise on earth.

Blessed with diverse cultures with different ethnicities and religions, Sri Lanka offers various cultural encounters, adventure activities, rewarding scenery, and shopping options. Sinhalese, an Indo-Aryan native group, mostly populate the nation. Indian Tamils, Malays, South East Asian Settlers and Burghers also play an essential part in making the significant history of the island. You should visit the Paradise Road, Galle Face Green, and Galle Road to enjoy cheap shopping in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.

Relax with a locally made drink in hand, relishing on the tropical delicacies, and that's how you spend an ideal laid-back day on the beach of Sri Lanka. This island nation is indeed one destination where all your travel goals will come true. Sri Lanka is rewarding, satisfying, and will touch your soul with its vibrant charm. If you have already planned an excursion to this island nation, then don't forget to insure your trip with a travel insurance plan.  A travel insurance policy comes handy in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as- loss of check-in baggage, loss of passport, medical emergency, etc.

If you purchase our travel insurance policy, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Compensation for lost or delayed baggage.
  • Cover against illness, personal accidents, and medical expenses.
  • Loss of passport.
  • Cover for trip delay.
  • No medical checkups until the age of 80 years to receive a policy.
  • Cover for up to 182 days, extendable to another 183 days.
  • Cashless medical treatment at your hospital.

    Now you can also purchase a travel insurance policy online. Please fill out the form on the left side of this page to get an instant travel insurance quote.

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