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Reliance General Insurance


Money is the cornerstone of every business. For running your business, you may need to transfer funds in cash, cheques, drafts, etc. or maintain a cash balance on your premises. All such transactions are exposed to the risk of loss or misuse. Protect your money with the comprehensive cover offered by the Reliance Money Insurance Policy.​

Key Benefits:

  • ​Comprehensive cover for risks involving money and monetary transactions
  • Reasonable premium
  • Additional cover against burglary and housebreaking for money held in safes, beyond business hours
  • Payment of premium on estimated carrying of money and adjustment at the year against actual carrying of money

Reliance Money Insurance Policy Coverage

​The Reliance Money Insurance Policy protects the insured against:

Loss of Money in Transit

​Covers loss of money by the insured or insured's authorized employee in the event of:

  • Robbery
  • Theft, waylaying, snatching away
  • Any other fortuitous event

Money in transit implies money in direct transit from the insured's premises to the bank and vice versa. Money in personal custody or with an authorized employee can also be included.

Loss of Money in safe

​Covers loss of money in safe due to:

  • Burglary
  • Housebreaking
  • Robbery or hold-up

Money in safe implies money secured in a locked safe or locked strong room on your premises outside business hours and includes money kept in a till.

​Reliance Money Insurance Policy Exclusions

This policy does not cover:

  • Shortage due to error or omission
  • Unexplained losses and mysterious disappearance
  • War and nuclear group of perils
  • Money entrusted to any person other than the authorized employee
  • Money entrusted to a carrier
  • Legal liability, consequential loss, and theft from an unsecured vehicle
  • Loss due to any act in which the insured is involved as a principal or accessory