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Fine For Driving without Car or Bike Insurance in India

​Not insuring your car or two wheeler may soon cost you dear! Reports suggest that if the proposed new Road Transport & Safety Bill is passed without changes, you would have to pay heavy price for driving without car or two wheeler insurance. Alternatively, this it for sure will prove to be a boom for general insurance companies.

According to reports, for riding a motorcycle without an insurance policy would cost the motorcyclist penalty of Rs.10,000. Also, the penalty towards driving uninsured light motor vehicles and autorickshaws will be Rs.25,000, whereas the same of any car or a truck driver will be as high as Rs.75,000.
On contrast, the current fine for not insuring your vehicle is meager Rs.1,000 for all vehicles.
On the other hand, the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority is easing its rules to promote increase insurance compliance. It has given its consent to longer tenure policies, which include a three-year policy for two-wheelers, as well as third-party insurance. Long term products for car insurance​ are also in the pipeline. Meanwhile, the insurance companies have proposed the Government to put a cap of Rs 10 lakh on third party liability. Currently, the same liability for motor vehicles stands as unlimited.