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Existing policy with Reliance?

e.g.(MH 12 AB 3168)

Two Wheeler Own Damage Insurance

Reliance Two Wheeler Own Damage Insurance 


natural c​​alamities


man-made disasters


Cashless Garages*​*​



Own Damage (OD) helps you stay covered against damage caused to your vehicle due to accidents like fire, theft, etc. In case of an accident, an own damage cover compensates you for expense to repair or replace parts of your two wheeler damaged in the accident.

What are the Benefits of Two Wheeler Own Damage Insurance?

Key Features Benefits by Reliance General

Cashless Repairs

8,5​0​0+ Cashless Garages*​*

No Claim Bonus

Get upto 50% Discount

Claim Process

Online via Smartphone in 5 minutes

Claim Settlement Ratio

98% Claims Settled*



Voluntary Deductible



Zero, Online Process


What does this policy cover?

This policy covers the cost of damages to your two wheeler due to-

  • Natural calamities like floods, earthquake, fire and more
  • Man-made c​​alamities like vandalism, riots and terror attacks
  • Theft or malicious acts

It also covers the-

  • Explosion
  • Hailstorm
  • Terrorism
  • Frost
  • Inundation
  • Self-Ignition
  • Lightening
  • Cyclone
  • Tempest
  • Riot & Strikes
  • Hurricane
  • Landslide
  • Rockslide
  • Typhoon
  • Transit by Rail, Road, Air & Elevator

What does this policy not cover?

When opting for an own damage two wheeler insurance policy, you must be aware of what benefits you’re missing out on. Let’s take a look at what this policy does not cover:

  • Damages to a third p​arty vehicle
  • Damage caused to a third party property
  • Injuries caused to other people in an accident
  • Normal wear-and-tear of the vehicle
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • A vehicle being used other than in accordance with the limitations as to use. For example, if you use your two wheeler for commercial purposes
  • Damage to/by person driving without a valid driving license
  • Loss or damage caused while riding under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance
  • Loss or damage due to depreciation of the vehicle's value
  • Consequential loss - if the original damage causes subsequent damage/loss, only the original damage will be covered
  • ​​​Damage to Tyres & Tubes unless the vehicle insured is damaged at the same time in which case the liability of the Company shall be limited to 50% of the cost of replacement
  • ​Loss or damage to the accessories by burglary housebreaking or theft unless the vehicle is stolen at the same time


Add-On Covers

At Reliance General Insurance, we want to make sure our two wheeler insurance holders can secure the best possible protection for themselves. So choose wisely and secure your two wheeler with our assortment of add-on covers for bike insurance.​​​

Nil Depreciation

With a zero depreciation bike insurance​ add-on, secure your two wheeler against a reduction in the value of parts with age. You will get the parts replaced without any pinch to your wallet. ​​​​ 

This add-on cover is applicable to the following conditions-

  • This add-on covers two wheelers​, with a maximum of two claims in one vehicle insurance policy period
  • In case of partial loss, we will settle a claim made for the insured two wheeler only if it is repaired by/ at one of our authorised dealers or workshops
  • Compulsory Excess will be applicable as per normal practice and Voluntary Deductible will be applicable if you have opted for it

​Nil Depreciation UIN​: IRDAN103RP0002V01201920/A0022V01201920​​

Daily Allowance Benefit​​​​​

We can’t deny the fact that accidents happen! In this condition, we have to leave our vehicles in the garages and travel by our own. This add-on cover compensates for your daily travel allowance when your vehicle is in the insurer's authorized network garage for more than 3 days for repairs. This add-on cover is applicable to the following conditions-

  • Triggered if >3days vehicle under repairs due to perils/OD
  • Option to choose days & amount
  • Allowance Limit Rs.5000/- per day
  • Lumpsum theft benefit, if vehicle is not recovered <=90 days
  • 2 claims applicable

Daily Allowance Benefit UIN: IRDAN103RP0002V01201920/A0021V01201920​

EMI Protection

We are concerned about financial impact of an accident. We cover up to 3 EMI’s of your insured vehicle if it is in the insurer's authorized network garage for more than 30 days for repairs. This add-on cover is applicable to the following conditions-

  • Vehicle is in repair, vehicle loan EMIs will gets paid
  • Payment directly made to financial institution
  • Up to maximum 3 EMI shall be payable
  • Triggers if repair time > 30 days
  • Applicable only for partial claims

EMI Protection UIN: IRDAN103RP0002V01201920/A0025V01201920​

Helmet Cover

This add on cover will make an allowance towards cost of replacing damaged or destroyed helmet of same type and model due to accident involving the insured vehicle. This cover is valid for Annual Two Wheeler policy and can be bought as an add-on cover at the time of purchase. This add-on cover is applicable to the following conditions-

  • Premium starting @Rs.100/-
  • Pay only 10% of Helmet cost (Sum Insured)
  • Sum Insured limit up to Rs.50,000/- per helmet
  • More than 1 helmet can be covered in a single year
  • Reimbursement of the helmet will be the same type and model 

Please note that the policy-​

  • ​Shall be available only for maxim​​​um one accident during the policy period
  • Shall not be available for Theft claims​
  • Deductibles is 5% of Sum Insured opted by the insured
  • shall not be available for damage caused by deterioration,wear and tear

Helmet Cover UIN: IRDAN103RP0002V01201920/A0019V01201920​

Now Your Two Wheeler Insurance Premium Will Be More Than Affordable with Our Special Discounts!​​

If you continue to be a safe and good driver, you're definitely eligible for discounts. How? Well, if you drive safely, you'll make no claim through out the year. As a result, you earn yourself a No-Claim Bonus! This bonus can also be transferred over to your new vehicle depending on your preference.

The discount can be accumulated on a yearly basis as mentioned below.​

​​No. of Y​earsDiscount​
​​One claim-free ​year​20%
​Two consecutive claim-free years​25%
​Three consecutive cla​im-free years​35%
​Four consecutive claim-free years​45%
​Five consecutive claim-free years​​50%​

Voluntary D​eductible

A minimum amount that you choose to pay of the claim amount, while we pay the rest. The higher your Voluntary Deductible amount, the lower is your bike insurance premium. Thus, eventually discounting the two wheeler insurance premium. Please refer to the below table for appilcable Voluntary Deductible:-

​​Voluntary Deductible​​Discount​
​Rs 5005% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 50/-
​Rs 75010% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 75/-
Rs 100015% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 125/-
Rs 1500​20% on the OD premium of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of Rs 200/-

*T&C apply. Policy will be issued / renewed only if TP policy is in force. ​Details mentioned here are for the product- Reliance Two Wheeler​ Policy- Stand-​alone Own Damage​ (UIN​- IRDAN103RP0002V01201920​).

**The number of garages mentioned is the total of all the garages empanelled across the country for different vehicle categories.​
​ ​​​