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Two Wheeler Insurance In Chennai


Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the capital of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Chennai plays a vital role in the traditional, historical, and academic growth of our country. It has a rich history that showcases a variety of elements of the Dravidian civilisation. It is the fourth largest metropolis and the third most important ports in India. Also, it is home to the famous Fort St. George, which was built in the year 1644, now turned into a museum showcasing the city's ancestry as a British military barrack and East India Company trading outpost. On the eastern side of the city is the breathtakingly beautiful Marina beach, which is known for its clear sea water and sand. Chennai flaunts a diverse mixture of skyscrapers, temple towers, steeples, star hotels, and minarets. Whether you prefer old-school or ultra-modern, Chennai has a range of choices.

Chennai's climate is pretty much humid throughout the year as the city is on the coast. The city has majorly two climates – summer and monsoon. Summers in Chennai are scorching and humid whereas monsoon brings abundant rains.

The cheapest and fastest way to travel in the city is via the suburban train. The network consists of four routes that connect almost all major points of the city. The frequency of trains is good, but they can get overly crowded during peak hours. Another mode of transportation is the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) buses. These buses will take you to the points that cannot be by the suburban trains. Metros, taxis, and autorickshaws are other modes of transport, which are equally prevalent in the city.

Getting around the city often takes time because of the traffic and heavy congestion on the roads. If you are the one who drives away to the office, it's going to be time taking and sweat breaking at the same time. Two wheelers come to the escape at that moment. Due to its small size, two wheelers can be taken anywhere, even in heavy congestion. If you own a bike, don't forget to buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy as it is mandatory to insure your motorcycle in India. Also, a two wheeler insurance ​​policy protects you against the financial losses that could occur due to unforeseen accidents.

Here are few exciting features of Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance-

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