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Travel Insurance - Guide To Stress-free Travel


​​​While you have veraciously prepared each and every facet of a foreign trip. However, there can always be possibilities of situations going out of control in the event of unfavorable conditions. For instance, you may face illness, or lose your baggage and/or passport, observe a cancellation of flight, etc.

Nevertheless, in order to bail you out of such situation you can always rely on Reliance General Insurance's overseas travel plan. Such insurance plans are generally beneficial for individuals who travel on short intervals, in other words – are frequent travelers. RGICL's one year travel insurance​ plan protects you against unnerving experiences while travelling abroad.

Under the one year travel insurance policy, you will get maximum coverage with least paperwork. The plan covers wide durations of 182 days, which can also be increased to 365 days. In addition, the policy also offers you automated extensions in event of health insurance for overseas and evacuation (up to 30 days).

While you may come across many travel insurance policies in market, unlike RGICL, not many insurers would be offering coverage against trips consisting of sporting activities (subject to prior declaration and specific approval with premium loading).