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Of late, travelling to a foreign country is no more a distant dream. With the number of opportunities provided at work or on pleasure, more people are now visiting foreign countries on a regular basis. Whether it is work or pleasure, you always want your journey to be safe and memorable. The only problem is to believe that your trip is going to be perfect and simply hassle free. In reality, one must be ready for all types of unpleasant situations arising and ruining your journey. Don’t let any obstacle spoil your trip and make your journey completely safe with travel insura​nce. You may love travelling all around the world leaving behind the work stress but you must also not overlook the risks associated while travelling. Well, all you need is a real good international travel insurance online ​plan​ which takes care of all the unforeseen expenses that arise out of sudden situations when you are in a foreign country.   

You land up and just when you are trying to get your luggage, you realise that it is missing or has been stolen. What a horrific situation would it be to deal with the consequences thereafter especially when all your essential travel documents are in your bag? The best thing to do is to buy a international travel insurance online plan that protects you from the most basic events such as loss or theft of baggage, medical emergency and so on.

Most people make the mistake of buying international travel insurance online plan simply based on how low the premium is or as recommended by their travel agent. Your travel agent may not know how much you need. You must be the decision maker at this stage and make a wise choice in order to stay safe from all types of unprecedented situations. As a result, when a person tries to file a claim for damage, either the insurance policy does not cover it or the amount that is reimbursed is hardly enough for the damage caused. Here are the reasons why you must buy travel insurance with higher coverage - 
Sky rocketing medical expenses
Once you leave India, most popular countries like USA & Canada​, Singapore, Greece etc charge really high for basic medical assistance as well. In this case, a higher coverage plan can take care of all your needs.

Visiting a foreign country for studies 
If your daughter or son lives in a foreign country on account of higher education, it is highly advisable that you go for a policy with higher coverage as the living expenses in most foreign countries are high. One must not overlook the chances of a medical emergency or racism with people from other countries.
Adventure trip
If your trip comprises of adventure activities, it is best to go for travel insurance with higher coverage as it protects you from costs associated with medical emergencies.