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Why Two Wheeler Owners should Consider Long Term Bike Insurance?

Riding a bike is thrilling as it gives you a sense of freedom and positivity. It also needs a lot of attention and control. The excitement of zooming away on a two-wheeler is unmatched, and I am sure most of you will agree with the same. Taking a bike home comes with a dozen responsibilities, one of which is insuring it before revving around. But, how many of us are actually taking the responsibility seriously? How many riders have an active two wheeler insurance policy?

Riding a bike without an active insurance policy is an offence, and the Central government has got more stringent about the same. You roam around without a plan or break a traffic rule, and you will land yourself in huge trouble. The penalties can burn one big fat hole in your pocket.

Hence it is advised to remember the renewal date on priority so that you don't keep on missing the critical date. Having your bike insured and renewing it go hand in hand. But, it is quite a possibility to miss your renewal date in a flurry of workload, travelling, family, friends, and other essential activities.  

As estimated by the General Insurance Council (GIC), only 60% of vehicles plying on the Indian roads are uninsured. It may come as a surprise, but in the year 2015-16  India had only 8.26 crores vehicles insured out of 19 crores in total.

Surprisingly, the number of uninsured two-wheelers is more than that of cars. This can be a result of the rigorous process and heavy documentation related to the renewal procedure. All the inspection and tedious paperwork can be really frustrating, and maybe that's why people avoid the renewal completely. One of the easiest and most convenient solutions to this problem is to prefer two wheeler insurance policy. There are several benefits of getting a two-wheeler insurance plan.

Apart from giving you peace of mind, this policy also saves you from the hassle of yearly renewals and gives you comprehensive coverage for three years. A long-term policy also lets you keep yourself from any premium hikes for 3 years, which means additional savings.

Here are a few amazing benefits of opting for a long-term two wheeler insurance policy-

Avoid Penalties and Fines

Riding an uninsured bike is an offence in India. An expired insurance policy may land you in trouble, and you even have to pay hefty fines if caught by the cops. All the more, in case of an accident, an expired insurance policy may act as a problem if you need to file a claim.

Avoid The Risk of Policy Lapse

Keeping track of every renewal on time is not possible in our busy lifestyle. We tend to forget the renewal dates, which leads to trouble. Renewal of an expired policy can be a task. Hence, it is better to get a policy which is valid for 3 years and saves you from the risk of a lapsed policy. You can ride worry-free for 3 long years.

Enjoy Lower Premium with Discounts

If you buy a long-term insurance policy, then you can avail exciting discounts on the premium payable. You will be paying a lesser premium in one go as compared with the annual pay for the same policy. This discount is over and above the underwriting benefits provided and the NCB benefits​. On an average the third party premium increase by around 10% to 15% every year. By purchasing a long-term policy, you can lock in your lower premium rates for a longer time.

That's why you should invest in a long-term insurance policy and ride hassle-free for 3 long years.