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Why Travel Insurance Is Necessary

Imagine you are on a holiday to a foreign country. You are having the time of your life and suddenly you have a bad fall and end up on the bed of a hospital. The agony actually starts from here. By god’s grace, even if you are fine, you are in for a sudden shock when you receive the hospital bill. You suddenly feel that you could have enjoyed something spectacular with that money. Nevertheless, you settle the bill; complete the rest of your holiday and come back home with a bad memory of your injury.

Now think about it! How can you avoid such a situation in real life? Simple! Go for travel insurance. If you are going on a holiday, your checklist usually contains gadgets that you want to carry, bookings, foreign currency etc. What about these little things? They may seem extremely unimportant at first but life is quite unpredictable and you must never take chances.   

It is observed that out of ten people travelling, only one or two of them buy travel insurance. Insurance is a must for each and every one of you and the importance of buying travel insurance depends upon the destination where you are headed. For instance, people who are going to meet their family in a foreign country may not need very high travel insurance but those who are going abroad for the first time must have one. 

If you are a senior citizen and visiting a foreign country, it is highly advisable to buy travel insurance. However, young people do not prefer buying travel insurance.

The best part about buying travel insurance is that the premium is payable in the currency of the country you stay and it is reimbursed in the currency of the country you are going to.

Most insurance companies provide a cashless service. You don’t have to pay a single penny right from the time you get admitted to the hospital till the time you are discharged. The payment is made by the insurance company directly.

Whenever you encounter a problem, all you need to do is contact the insurance company and it will be sorted.

When you are buying travel insurance, make sure that you are buying it for all those who are travelling with you as the policy is only valid for the person who buys it.

You may be wondering that you are in the best of your health and you do not require a policy. But, travel insurance is not just related to health issues but also covers accident related injuries. One can never predict what is going to happen next.

Your travel insurance also covers you in case you lose your baggage or cancel your tickets at the last moment. 

​If you are travelling to USA & Canada, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand , Asia​ ​or any of the Schengen countries​, some insurance companies provides plan specific to your needs.