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Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance for your Family?

​​Are you planning to go abroad this holiday season? If yes, what are the things that you are mostly busy with? It must be either looking for cheap airfares or getting best deals on hotel accommodation. Besides the essential things like air tickets, currency and hotel bookings, one must also make adequate provisions in terms of safety of the family. This is one area where you must not compromise at all. There are a lot of people who are still not convinced with the fact of buying travel insurance​ for their loved ones and have a hard time deciding whether or not to buy travel insurance. The reason why travel insurance is not bought often is that every person wants to gain the maximum benefit in return of the money spent. In case of insurance, there is no return if you do not file a claim. Hence, people look at it as a loss making tool. Each and every family travelling anywhere domestic or international must buy travel insurance for the following reasons –

If you/your family member loses an important travel document
If you lose your passport or any other vital travel related document in a foreign country, be prepared to face a hard time as you are not a citizen of that country and will be treated accordingly. Not just travel documents but losing any type of valuables, gadgets or money especially in a foreign country is painstaking. In such an event, travel insurance provides you an adequate cover against the loss of your items. The travel insurance company will reimburse a certain amount which is required to cover the damages. 

If you miss a flight
Besides feeling miserable for not being on that flight, you will also have to bear losses as you have made the hotel reservations at that particular destination. If you miss a flight while returning to your home country, it is all the more disturbing as you have spent all your money on the trip and are hardly left with few currency. How will you manage? Where would you stay with your family? In this event, travel insurance covers the costs related to missing a flight like booking a hotel room in the city where you are stranded and in some cases, the insurance company reimburses a specific amount for booking new tickets.

If you cancel your trip
If at all there are last minute cancellations on your end due to an unavoidable crisis, the insurance company will cover the losses caused due to pre-bookings of flights and hotels if they find your reason of cancellation to be genuine. Most insurance companies in India usually accept such claims in case of a serious injury or death one month prior to the date of departure.

If you fall sick or meet with an accident
It is a haphazard situation when you or your family member falls sick or meets with an accident. Most insurance companies reimburse a specific amount of hospital charges right from staying in the hospital to other medical charges as pre-defined in the policy. There are only certain ailments an insurance company will cover. You must check the policy fine print carefully before deciding on a policy.

Buy travel insurance and have a safe and a memorable trip with your family.​