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Mr Vijay Reddy, resident of Gachibowli area of Hyderabad was a proud owner of Honda Accord. He was happy that finally he had bought his own car. It was his long wish to own a car so he can take his family out sometimes for an outing. He was happy now that his status in office will increase for now he was a proud owner of the car. He had personally selected the white colour for car for this was his favourite colour.

With buying a car, Mr Vijay had bought car insurance in Mumbai through a broker. He had paid around 20,000 Rs as premium for the car. 

Mr Vijay, din't knew how to drive, so he used to hire a driver whenever he wanted to go out or take his family. All was going good for Mr Vijay until his car met up with an accident.

The car suffered some damage, bu​​t the driver had to bear the brunt o​f the collision and was injured. He was bleeding profusely. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Once, everything was sorted out and the driver got discharged after incurring an expenditure of around Rs 1 lakh, Mr Vijay approached the broker through whom he had bought the car insurance policy.

The car was properly examined by the insurance guy and upon verification a suitable amount was registered as to be paid to Mr Vijay for reimbursement. Mr Vijay was aghast to know that while buying the policy for car insurance, he had forgotten to buy additional coverage for the paid up driver. So as per rules of the car insurance, you can buy coverage for the driver too If you have a paid driver. It is always recommended that you take additional personal accident cover for him. Policy holder must be aware that he may be legally liable to pay in the driver in case of an accident.

This came as a complete surprise to Mr Vijay for he had not thought about it. If he had paid some additional amount as premium, the driver who was driving his vehicle as the time of accident would have been duly compensated by the Insurance Company. In the happiness of owning a car, Mr Vijay had forgotten the fundamental rule of coverage for the driver and the co-passengers. So, it is mandatory to buy coverage for driver as well as co-passengers to avoid the financial liabilities in case any of them suffers injuries during the accident. So, in this scenario, the entire bill footed by the hospital had to be duly paid by Mr Vijay and it became a major financial burden for him for he had to shell out 1 lakh rupees that were incurred on the treatment of the driver in the hospital due to injuries suffered in the accident.