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Why is it a Good Idea to Buy a Travel Insurance Plan Valid for 365 Days?

​The rate of youngsters and corporate travelling abroad has increased in the past decade. Be it for international client meetings, or finding the wanderlust spirit deep-rooted inside your core, travelling to a foreign country always brings new experiences with itself.

If you are one of the corporate workers, travel enthusiasts, or a booming entrepreneur who travels abroad very often, then the annual travel insurance plan is the perfect fit for you. Not only this travel insurance policy is much cheaper than individual travel policy, but also it keeps your personal protection active throughout the year. With one purchase, you are secured for 365 days against several unforeseen emergencies that can pop up while travelling abroad.

Here are a few points that explain why an annual multi-trip travel plan is your best friend if you are a frequent flyer-

You take three or more trips every year

Most of us insure the journeys on which we think we are spending a lot. However, it's better to cover all your international trips no matter if they are a big one or small. If you usually travel more than thrice every year, then an annual multi trip travel insurance plan is the perfect fit for you. It protects all your adventures at a far affordable price.

You travel on a budget

Travelling is no more the way to refresh your system. It has become a way of life. Often, young travellers skip buying a travel insurance policy to save money. But, it is definitely not a great thing to do as one small mistake abroad can prove to be very expensive. For example- if you have to cancel your trip last-minute, you could lose all the money you have paid to book the flight. While travelling abroad, if you get ill or face a medical emergency, the medical treatment can potentially exhaust all your budget, and you'll have to pack your bags. In situations like this, if you have a travel insurance policy handy, you can get all your medical expenses reimbursed.

Let's talk in numbers now: Three single-trip insurance for 45 days costs around Rs. 9240. On the other hand, a multi-trip travel insurance plan covers several visits anywhere in the world for 365 days at just Rs. 5780. Now, you have proof, as well.

You plan, cancel, and then re-plan

You have been planning this getaway for long. Everything is booked, and you are about to leave, but some critical task pops up. You have to cancel the plan to organize everything again. If you buy a travel insurance policy every time you fly, you lose out on certain valuable protections. With annual multi-trip travel insurance, you have one less worry, because you already have protection. You can focus on other things, like booking the tickets and finding the hotel rooms!

You take a lot of spontaneous trips

Are you the one who loves taking up things spontaneously? The beach getaway, the treks at terrains, the road trips, and the list goes on... But do you cover your journey in the excitement and fun, or just believe in “Jo Hoga Dekha Jayega!" Well! That is not a good sign then. Troubles come uncalled, and it's good to be prepared. If you have an annual travel plan, all these little getaways can be covered all the time!

Buying a travel policy has become so simple these days. You can even insure your trip before boarding into the flight. No paperwork, no medical check-up required.