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Need For Buying A Travel Insurance For Canada


​​​Planning a trip to Canada? Normally, non-residents of Canada are not covered by the local health insurance plans of that country. This means, that if a visitor faces medical emergency like situation in Canada, then he/she would have to bear the required medical expenses from his/her own pocket; and the sky-rocketing medical costs in Canada is known to all.
However, if at the time of buying your flights tickets to Canada, if you had also planned a travel insurance​​​ for Canada, you can look forward to a stress free journey. This travel insurance policy, as the name suggests, covers you against financial contingency like situations during your tour to Canada.
A standard travel insurance for Canada generally provides financial assistance towards medical emergencies, illnesses, accidents, occurred anytime between during your Canada trip, starting from you barding your flight to Canada till the end of your journey (back to India).
If during your stay in Canada, you are required to be hospitalized, then the travel health insurance policy for Canada will bear the expenses towards your hospital bills, prescription drugs, and other medical expenses, thus save you from falling under any financial burden. Any medical cost incurred in Canada can turn out to be even more expensive than the cost of your flight tickets. Therefore, by planning a travel health insurance policy for Canada you would not only save yourself from losing your hard earned money, but would also ensure a peace of mind during your entire trip.
Some of the other risks that are covered under travel insurance for Canada are – trip cancellation, trip delay, loss of passport, loss of checked-in baggage, dental care, liability cost, etc.
Things covered under a travel insurance for Canada might be same for every insured, the amount of coverage may vary from person to person and from one travel health insurance policy to another. Therefore, before buying any travel insurance for Canada, do an online comparative study of different travel health insurance policies available in the market, and buy the policy that suits your needs and your budget the best way.