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Why Construction Workers Must Have Personal Accident Insurance?

A construction site is exposed to various kinds of accidents. Anyone who has spent time working at a construction site will know exactly how dangerous such places can be. Workers and contractors are exposed to heavy machinery and falling objects that can expose them to a vast scope of risks that could lead to serious injury.

This is where a personal accident insurance policy come in the picture. A personal accident insurance policy offers optimum protection against various kinds of unforeseen circumstances that a construction worker cold face while working. God forbid, if you get injured or sick, then the policy provides you with a lump sum payment so that you stay financially stable in your hard times. The amount can help you repay your loans, mortgage, pay school fees of your children, and stay on top of other bills and look after any other expenses that might crop up. Above all, it lets you make the required adjustments so that you can have a quality life even after your changed circumstances.

With enough coverage in place, you can solely focus on your work without having to worry about how you will contend financially if something goes wrong.

The importance of personal accident insurance​ in the construction industry can't be emphasized enough. The construction industry brings together the tasks of contractors, subcontractors, and workers to provide the final merchandise to a client. That product/output can include the construction of a new building, repairing the current structure, or developing a new roadway or walkway for the pedestrians or vehicles. With so many things working in tandem during a project, there's a high potential for something to go wrong.

Suppose a worker is working on the top of a newly constructed building and the bricks fall on his body due to the plaster still being wet- who's going to take the responsibility of the worker's treatment, the well being of his family and their day-to-day expenditures. The question is something every worker should ask himself/herself. In case you are the only breadwinner of your family, your getting injured can twist the fate of your entire family. To tackle such situation- you should get a personal accident cover so that your family functions even when you are injured or not around.

Surviving an accident without even a small scratch is quite lucky. But not everyone has got the same luck. Accidents are fatal and might cause permanent or partial disability, sometimes even death. Both these situations have a significant impact on the financial condition of the dependants. In many cases, due to an accident, the earning capacity of the individual may entirely or partially decrease. In that situation, a personal accident cover provides excellent financial assistance to the injured and his family. You can buy a personal accident policy as an add-on cover with your health insurance policy or as a standalone policy.

Despite its high relevance, a personal accident cover continues to remain enclosed in a great deal of confusion. However, with proper information, you can quickly arrive at the right conclusion for you and your family!​​