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Which Schengen Countries Are Open For Tourism?

​Across Europe, governments slowly opened their countries for tourism after months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the relaxation of measured now Europe is facing a second wave of pandemic. However, the wave is less impactful. There are no more restrictions on travel to a few countries. The list below covers all the European countries that have officially opened for tourism. Also, it mentions the countries which do not have testing or quarantine requirements. Buy travel insurance before you travel to make your journey for a safer trip. 

Countries in Europe reopen for tourism:


Albania official announces that the borders will be open after 1st July 2020 allowing tourists from all countries to enter without any restrictions. The restriction was slowly lifted in phases by the removal of land barriers with neighboring countries on 1st June. Finally, all the bans were lifted on July 1st. Citizens from all countries are allowed to stay without quarantine or testing.


Andorra officially reopened its border on July 29, 2020. It allowed tourists from the EU nation to visit without any quarantine or testing. Citizens from all nations are allowed to enter, but those who are not from the EU will face a 14-day quarantine. 


All the European nations except the UK, Sweden, Spain, and Portugal are allowed to visit Austria. These are the first 31 countries to have access from July 16th onwards to visit the country. All the visitors from approved EU countries can visit without any quarantine period or testing. Citizens from other countries can also be allowed under special circumstances. 


Belarus is allowing more than 70 nations to visit without a 14 day quarantine period. Tourism reopened from July 15th onwards. You might also consider getting Schengen travel insurance specifically for EU countries to have a safe trip. 


From June 15, among other significant EU nations, Belgium decided to open the country for tourism for other EU nations along with four EFTA nations (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway).

The Belgian Government has found a new way to control the spread. It is a traffic light system for high, medium, and low-risk regions. Travelers entering from the high-risk region will have to take a test. There is mandatory 7-day quarantine, provided that you take the tests on Day 5 and it is negative you will be eligible for a stay. A travel insurance for Belgium is essential as it is a Schengen country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

On July 16 Bosnia and Herzegovina lifted the travel ban for many countries. The nation is now slowly reopening for tourism from all the countries. There are countries which are allowed with no testing or quarantine period. While members from other countries will have to show a negative PCR test done 48 hours before the entry. 


On July 17, 2020, Bulgaria decided to add more countries to its list of approved countries to travel to Bulgaria. Also, there are fixed guidelines on countries allowed to enter without the test. While citizens from other countries might have to meet another requirement as well.​