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When To Change Your Car Insurance Provider

​​​​​​​In India, having an insurance policy for ​car is mandatory. In addition, to ensure the value of money, on a yearly basis you need to assess your m​otor insurance​ coverage. It is during this time, when you shop around looking for better or different coverage, you realize that the premium amount for similar motor insurance policies differ widely from one motor insurance provider to another.

There can be many reasons for this difference in premium rates. However, if you wish to change your motor insurance provider, you can do so very easily.

If you want to avail maximum benefits, it is always wise to shop around and find a comparatively cheap insurance policy for car. With more than 25 general insurance companies offering insurance policy for cars, today one has an option of attractive schemes on motor insurance. Different motor insurance providers offer different discounts, bonuses, advantages, etc. in their policies. While, the offers available in the market may seem very tempting, changing motor insurance frequently is not advisable. Review your insurance policy for car every 2-3 years and to understand whether you are covered sufficiently or not. 

You change your motor insurance provider in following cases:

  • You are getting a motor insurance policy​ at cheaper rate for the same coverage as your current one.
  • You are getting better benefits from other insurance provider for the same premium you are currently paying.
  • You are getting a better coverage at cheaper rate than your current policy premium.
  • Your claim experience with your present motor insurance provider was not good.