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With the update in the Motor Vehicle Act 2019 it has become even more essential to know about the various aspects that affect you as an owner of a vehicle. Motor insurance is a major aspect that you need to know about.​

C​ar insuran​ce​ is an absolute must for all Maruti vehicle owners across the country. Being among the most purchased insurance types, most motor vehicle insurance holders fail to realize the fact that premium that is paid by them is not actually permanently set price. As a matter of fact, insurance providers tend to taken into consideration plenty of variables while determining policy price. Over a period of time, such factors could change for the individual driver, thereby affecting policy price. Experts recommend that customers are required to have their auto insurance policy to be reassessed every year or if a sudden change has taken place in personal situation which would affect price that is paid by them as coverage. 

Tips to have auto insurance policy to be reassessed
If the individual has an auto insurance, then the below mentioned situations can help the person to know when to have the policy reassessed.

  • Vehicle type

  • This is likely to affect price that the person pays for insurance.​ car insurace​ expenses for high performance and expensive sports car is likely to be much higher when compared to any traditional family vehicle which is used for carrying out local errands. Informing the insurance provider is important while getting a new vehicle. The make, history, year and model of the vehicle would affect premiums. The individual with some research can avail discounts on the car insurance.

  • Driving history:

  • In case, the person has history of speeding tickets, accidents and traffic violations, then he is likely to be assessed as high risk driver, thereby requiring paying much more for the policy. But, if the person cleans up the record and tries to maintain good driving record, then after some specified years, penalties would be removed from the record. On having driving record restored, the person should contact the insurance provider to inquire about lower rate payment.

  • Personal life changes:

  • li Policy price is determined by statistics. It has been noticed that married people having children would face low accident incidents since they drive carefully. If the person has married recently, then checking with the insurance provider can help to avail better rate. 

  • Place of residence:

  • This is another aspect that does affect price paid for insurance. Densely populated places having higher crime rates would be assessed as high risk and would require the person to pay higher premiums, when compared to those living in low crime and more rural areas. If the person has moved to any rural area from a city or a less populated or quieter residential community, then it would be essential to contact the insurance provider to check if discounts can be availed. Again, if security aspects have changed like the vehicle now being parked in a garage instead of the street, or there have been recent installations of anti-theft devices, then the insurance provider can be contacted. 

    It is a fact that insurance providers heavily rely upon statistical and research data for setting their policy rates. Since motor vehicle insurance is an absolute must for driving a car on the road, it is likely to benefit towards taking adequate steps for reducing expenses. 

  • Author’s Bio:

  • The author has been into writing articles for for quite a long time. Through his articles, he tries to educate the consumers on the importance of availing motor vehicle insurance policies.