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Inclusions In An International Travel Insurance Coverage


​​​International travel medical insurance serves those people who wish to protect their abroad trips with an insurance policy. An ​overseas travel insurance​ in India is one of the sensible and wise choice to reduce one’s financial risk in case of an unforeseen event, during foreign trip.
International travel medical insurance, as the name suggests, provides risk coverage against emergency medical conditions during your overseas tour. It covers risks associated with both - health and travel. For example, in the event of a medical emergency your international travel medical insurance would financially assist you in getting timely required treatment, at the same time, in case of it would help you in making arrangements of evacuation to send you back to your nation. While, the first coverage takes care of your health requirements during your foreign trip, the second case describes the coverage of travel.
An international travel medical insurance generally offers following risk coverages:
1.    Personal accidents
2.    Emergency health condition
3.    Loss of checked-in luggage
4.    Delays or cancellation of flight
5.    Accidental death while you are on your foreign trip
Certain things an overseas travel insurance in India may not cover are:
1.    Self-destruction like suicide
2.    Terrorism, war
3.    Nervous and mental problems
4.    Complications arising out of pre-existing diseases, unless its life threatening
5.    Adventurous/sports activities
The list of coverages and exclusions mentioned in an international travel medical insurance shall vary from one travel insurance provider to another. Therefore, before you finalise on which overseas travel insurance in India you would like to buy, ensure to read through the small prints of the policy.