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​As the name suggests, overseas mediclaim policy is a health insurance policy which covers you against the risk of hospitalization expenses in a foreign country. This policy covers medical expenses while the insured is outside India. It covers medical expenses both as inpatient as well as outpatient.

​However, you get this type of coverage in the travel insurance policy as well. The hospitalization and medical care expenses in the western countries are sky-rocketing due to the strict Food and Drug Association guidelines in these countries. In such a scenario, if a common man falls sick during his visit to these countries a major chunk of his savings is wiped off. Therefore, it is common sense to safeguard your savings against such financial tragedy by purchasing an overseas mediclaim policy. An overseas mediclai​m policy​ not only covers your medical expenses but also protects you against the loss of baggage, cancellation of flights, loss of passport, and much more.

 In addition, most Insurance Companies offer specialized packages for certain places like USA, Australia, Schengen region, Middles East and much more. So, next time you plan a vacation take some time off to research a ​bit about such policies it might save you a lot of money.​