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Travel Insurance Coverage In Detail

​Travel Insurance covers medical expenses, cancellations, loss or theft, flight delays, evacuations etc.

There are a few elementary types of coverage which are provided by Insurance Companies.

1. Trip cancellation coverage: This is the most widely used coverage in Travel Insurance​. You pay a considerable amount in booking your trip. It would be an extremely big financial loss if for any reason you had to cancel your trip. Your Travel Insurance coverage comes to the rescue in such a scenario. Trip cancellations are generally made for sickness, injury or death in the family.
2. Medical emergencies: The medical costs in countries such as America are exorbitant and you would have to pay a fortune in you fall sick while travelling. Travel Insurance coverage protection against such financial risks and covers all of your medical expenses.
3. Lost baggage or passport, delayed flights etc: Travel Insurance covers you against loss or theft of your baggage and passport. It aids you in making arrangements for a temporary passport and enables you to have a stress-free vacation. You also get travel insurance coverage in case your flight has been delayed or cancelled​.
4. Emergency Evacuations: If by chance, you need to be evacuated from your vacation spot due to a natural calamity or terrorist activities, your Insurance Company will pay the cost to do so.  Emergency evacuation expenses include your return flights home or directly to a hospital of your choice in your city.

Travel Insurance coverage is subjective and dependent on your Insurance provider. Hence, it is important to read the policy wordings carefully and know what does travel insurance cover.